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Published Biographical References

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  • AIA/T-Square Yearbook, p. 6, 1915
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  • American Institute of Architects. Membership Directory. Washington, DC: 1936-1946. {NOTE: 1936, 1938, 1940, 1942 were published as regular issues of the AIA Octagon. 1945/46 appeared as The Annuary. A directory was not issued in 1932/33-1933/34, 1937.}, p. 8, 1945
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    Office: Land Title Building, Broad and Chestnut sts., Philadelphia

  • AIA/T-Square Yearbook, 1949
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    Membership: Philadelphia Chapter, AIA, Corporate Member

  • Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/29/2002
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  • Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/31/2002
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  • American Art Annual 5 (1905/06): 454 (Abele's address is given as Bonners Ferry, ID)
  • "Black Architect from Phila. To Be Honored by Duke U." Philadelphia Inquirer (21 April 1989): 2-B.
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  • “[notes]”. 1919. “[notes]”. The American Magazine of Art 10 (9). The Frick Collection: 352–52. [Cites Abele's exhibition of watercolors gleaned from his European travel]
  • Obituary: Evening Bulletin (24 April 1950); Philadelphia Inquirer (24 April 1950)
  • Tifft, Susan E. "Out of the Shadows," Smithsonian 35, No. 11 (February 2005), 100-106.
  • University of Pennsylvania. General Alumni Catalogue. Philadelphia: 1917, p. 197.
  • Washington, Linn. "Credit Where It's Due." Philadelphia Daily News (27 March 1982): 4.

Biographical Drawings, Photos, Papers, etc.

  • European Travel Sketches, ca. 1902-06, Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania - Julian Francis Abele Collection
    Call Number: 188.1-188.4
    Quantity: 4 sheets
  • Signed Prints of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Athenaeum of Philadelphia - General Collection - Prints
    Call Number: 001-PRL-035
    Quantity: 2 Items
  • Student Work, University of Pennsylvania, 1898-1902, Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania - Graduate School of Fine Arts - History Collection
    Call Number: 232.***
    Quantity: 1 item
  • Biography file, University of Pennsylvania Archives, Philadelphia, PA
  • Letter from Alfred Branam to Sandra L. Tatman, 5 December 1981, Abele biography file, Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
  • Magaziner, Henry J. "As I Remember Julian Abele" (unpublished typescript, biography file, Athenaeum of Philadelphia)
  • Wilson, Dreck S. "Interviews Related to Julian Abele." Notebook of transcripts, Athenaeum of Philadelphia.


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