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Drexel & Company Offices, 1429 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., alts.
Quantity: 12 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG*004*001; MAG*004*002; MAG*004*003; MAG*004*004; MAG*004*005; MAG*004*006; MAG*004*007; MAG*004*008; MAG*004*009; MAG*004*010; MAG*004*011; MAG*004*012

Fels & Company, Shed, Colwyn, Pa.
Quantity: 1 drawing


Jacob M. Pincus, apartment houses, Broad St. & 70th Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 44 drawings

  MAG*005*001 - MAG*005*044

Josef Milner, Stores & Apartments, Wissahickon Ave. & Johnson St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 9 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG715*001; MAG715*002; MAG715*003; MAG715*004; MAG715*005; MAG715*006; MAG715*007; MAG715*008; MAG715*009

Miscellaneous Unidentified
Quantity: 18 items


Unidentified theater, stores & apartments, Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 11 drawings

  MAG735*001; MAG735*002; MAG735*003; MAG735*004; MAG735*005; MAG735*006; MAG735*007; MAG735*008; MAG735*009; MAG735*010; MAG735*011

Associated Hospital Services of Philadelphia, Field office
Quantity: 4 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG722*001; MAG722*002; MAG722*003; MAG722*004

Associated Hospital Services of Philadelphia, offices, 1429 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., alts.
Quantity: 2 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG721*001; MAG721*002

Camp Linden, West Chester, Pa.
Quantity: 10 drawings

  MAG720*001; MAG720*002; MAG720*003; MAG720*004; MAG720*005; MAG720*006; MAG720*007; MAG720*008; MAG720*009; MAG720*010

Doctors' offices, NW Corner 17th & Delancey Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 15 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG*006*001; MAG*006*002; MAG*006*003; MAG*006*004; MAG*006*005; MAG*006*006; MAG*006*007; MAG*006*008; MAG*006*009; MAG*006*010; MAG*006*011; MAG*006*012; MAG*006*013; MAG*006*014; MAG*006*015

Frank E. Garrell, store, alts., N.W. corner 16th & Federal Sts., Philadelpia, Pa.
Quantity: 1 photomechanical reproduction : blueprint


Lustberg Nast Company, factory, 6th & Mifflin Sts., Lebanon, Pa.
Quantity: 7 drawings : ink on linen. ; 32 drawings : pencil on paper.

  MAG835*001; MAG835*002; MAG835*003; MAG835*004; MAG835*005; MAG835*006; MAG835*007; MAG835*008; MAG835*009; MAG835*010; MAG835*011; MAG835*012; MAG835*013; MAG835*014; MAG835*015; MAG835*016; MAG835*017; MAG835*018; MAG835*019; MAG835*020; MAG835*021; MAG835*022; MAG835*023; MAG835*024; MAG835*025; MAG835*026; MAG835*027; MAG835*028; MAG835*029; MAG835*030; MAG835*031; MAG835*032; MAG835*033; MAG835*034; MAG835*035; MAG835*036; MAG835*037; MAG835*038; MAG835*039

Paschall Oxygen Company, 73rd St. & Island Rd., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 1 drawings : pencil on linen. ; 19 drawings : pencil on paper.

  MAG723*001; MAG723*002; MAG723*003; MAG723*004; MAG723*005; MAG723*006; MAG723*007; MAG723*008; MAG723*009; MAG723*010; MAG723*011; MAG723*012; MAG723*013; MAG723*014; MAG723*015; MAG723*016; MAG723*017; MAG723*018; MAG723*019; MAG723*020

Paschall Oxygen Company, 73rd St. & Saybrook Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 10 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG717*001; MAG717*002; MAG717*003; MAG717*004; MAG717*005; MAG717*006; MAG717*007; MAG717*008; MAG717*009; MAG717*010

Philadelphia Housing Authority, Tasker West Housing Project, Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 1 drawing


Arcadia Theater, 1529 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 6 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG*008*001; MAG*008*002; MAG*008*003; MAG*008*004; MAG*008*005; MAG*008*006

Associated Hospital Services of Philadelpia, Offices, Otis Building, NW Corner 16th & Sansam Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 18 drawings : pencil on paper. ; 4 photomechanical reproductions : mixed media.

  MAG*009*001; MAG*009*002; MAG*009*003; MAG*009*004; MAG*009*005; MAG*009*006; MAG*009*007; MAG*009*008; MAG*009*009; MAG*009*010; MAG*009*011; MAG*009*012; MAG*009*013; MAG*009*014; MAG*009*015; MAG*009*016; MAG*009*017; MAG*009*018; MAG*009*019; MAG*009*020; MAG*009*021; MAG*009*022

George E. Schweig, store & apartment, alts., 2829 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 2 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG*010*001; MAG*010*002

Martin L. Grossman, store & dwelling, 60th & Walton Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 9 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG729*001; MAG729*002; MAG729*003; MAG729*004; MAG729*005; MAG729*006; MAG729*007; MAG729*008; MAG729*009

Morton Moskowitz Residence, alts., 1002 Sharpless Rd., Melrose Park, Pa.
Quantity: 17 drawings

  MAG728*001; MAG728*002; MAG728*003; MAG728*004; MAG728*005; MAG728*006; MAG728*007; MAG728*008; MAG728*009; MAG728*010; MAG728*011; MAG728*012; MAG728*013; MAG728*014; MAG728*015; MAG728*016; MAG728*017

Samuel Shapiro Residence
Quantity: 2 drawings

  MAG*011*001; MAG*011*002

Store & dwelling, 2108 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 9 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG732*001; MAG732*002; MAG732*003; MAG732*004; MAG732*005; MAG732*006; MAG732*007; MAG732*008; MAG732*009

Associated Hospital Services of Philadelphia, offices, Otis Building, NW Corner 16th & Sansom Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 4 drawings : pencil on linen. ; 48 drawings : pencil on paper. ; 19 photomechanical reproductions : mixed media.


Fels & Company, Building "L", 73rd & Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., alts.
Quantity: 14 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG*012*001; MAG*012*002; MAG*012*003; MAG*012*004; MAG*012*005; MAG*012*006; MAG*012*007; MAG*012*008; MAG*012*009; MAG*012*010; MAG*012*011; MAG*012*012; MAG*012*013; MAG*012*014

Offices, alts. & adds., 708 S. 2nd St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 13 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG742*001; MAG742*002; MAG742*003; MAG742*004; MAG742*005; MAG742*006; MAG742*007; MAG742*008; MAG742*009; MAG742*010; MAG742*011; MAG742*012; MAG742*013

Robert Carlen Residence, alts., 323 S. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 3 Drawings: Pencil on paper

  MAG*737*001, MAG*737*002, MAG*737*003

Store, NE corner 4th & Monroe Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 8 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG736*001; MAG736*002; MAG736*003; MAG736*004; MAG736*005; MAG736*006; MAG736*007; MAG736*008

Antioch College, dormitory, dining hall, theatre arts building, Yellow Springs, OH.
Quantity: 8 photomechanical reproductions : stats


Antioch College, women's dormitory, Yellow Springs, OH.
Quantity: 16 photomechanical reproductions : blueline prints


Arcadia Theater Motion Picture Company, Theater, 1823-25 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 11 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG759*001; MAG759*002; MAG759*003; MAG759*004; MAG759*005; MAG759*006; MAG759*007; MAG759*008; MAG759*009; MAG759*010; MAG759*011

E.A. Van Steenwyk Residence, Gwynedd Valley, Pa.
Quantity: 6 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG*014*001; MAG*014*002; MAG*014*003; MAG*014*004; MAG*014*005; MAG*014*006

Fels Research Laboratory, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Oh.
Quantity: 1 drawing


J. Tyson Stokes Residence, Villanova, Pa.
Quantity: 10 drawings


Lustberg Nast Company, offices, alts. Middletown, N.Y.
Quantity: 20 drawing : pencil on paper

  MAG*013*001; MAG*013*002; MAG*013*003; MAG*013*004; MAG*013*005; MAG*013*006; MAG*013*007; MAG*013*008; MAG*013*009; MAG*013*010; MAG*013*011; MAG*013*012; MAG*013*013; MAG*013*014; MAG*013*015; MAG*013*016; MAG*013*017; MAG*013*018; MAG*013*019; MAG*013*020

Ocean City Manufacturing Company, factory, Coral & Butler Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 4 drawings : pencil on paper. ; 1 photomechanical reproduction : blueline print.

  MAG743*001; MAG743*002; MAG743*003; MAG743*004; MAG743*005

Paschall Oxygen Company, 73rd St. & Island Rd., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 8 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG752*001; MAG752*002; MAG752*003; MAG752*004; MAG752*005; MAG752*006; MAG752*007; MAG752*008

Paul J. Johnson Residence, alts, 1007 Valley Rd., Melrose Park, Pa.
Quantity: 19 drawings

  MAG695*001; MAG695*002; MAG695*003; MAG695*004; MAG695*005; MAG695*006; MAG695*007; MAG695*008; MAG695*009; MAG695*010; MAG695*011; MAG695*012; MAG695*013; MAG695*014; MAG695*015; MAG695*016; MAG695*017; MAG695*018; MAG695*019

Residence, 1825 Delancey St., Philadelphia, Pa., alts.
Quantity: 23 drawings

  MAG745*001; MAG745*002; MAG745*003; MAG745*004; MAG745*005; MAG745*006; MAG745*007; MAG745*008; MAG745*009; MAG745*010; MAG745*011; MAG745*012; MAG745*013; MAG745*014; MAG745*015; MAG745*016; MAG745*017; MAG745*018; MAG745*019; MAG745*020; MAG745*021; MAG745*022; MAG745*023

Upholsterers International Union, Broad & Jefferson Sts., Philadelphia
Quantity: 19 Sheets


William H. Sylk Residence, 6953 Greenhill Rd., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 48 drawings

  MAG753*001 - MAG753*048

"Home acres" housing development, Lawnside, N.J.
Quantity: 11 sheets

  MAG*015*001; MAG*015*002; MAG*015*003; MAG*015*004; MAG*015*005; MAG*015*006; MAG*015*007; MAG*015*008; MAG*015*009; MAG*015*010; MAG*015*011

American Fibre & Paper Board Company, 6230 Paschall Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 15 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG766*001; MAG766*002; MAG766*003; MAG766*004; MAG766*005; MAG766*006; MAG766*007; MAG766*008; MAG766*009; MAG766*010; MAG766*011; MAG766*012; MAG766*013; MAG766*014; MAG766*015

Dr. David H. Gansman Residence, Wayne Ave. & School House Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 20 drawings : pencil on paper. ; 3 photomechanical reproductions : blueprints.

  MAG771*001; MAG771*002; MAG771*003; MAG771*004; MAG771*005; MAG771*006; MAG771*007; MAG771*008; MAG771*009; MAG771*010; MAG771*011; MAG771*012; MAG771*013; MAG771*014; MAG771*015; MAG771*016; MAG771*017; MAG771*018; MAG771*019; MAG771*020; MAG771*021; MAG771*022; MAG771*023

Dr. Joseph Epstein Residence, 5512 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., alts. & adds.
Quantity: 18 drawings : pencil on paper

  MAG746*001; MAG746*002; MAG746*003; MAG746*004; MAG746*005; MAG746*006; MAG746*007; MAG746*008; MAG746*009; MAG746*010; MAG746*011; MAG746*012; MAG746*013; MAG746*014; MAG746*015; MAG746*016; MAG746*017; MAG746*018

Fels Research Institute, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 13 drawings : pencil on vellum

  MAG770*001; MAG770*002; MAG770*003; MAG770*004; MAG770*005; MAG770*006; MAG770*007; MAG770*008; MAG770*009; MAG770*010; MAG770*011; MAG770*012; MAG770*013

Herbert Lang Residence, alts., 541 Church Rd., Elkins Park, Pa.
Quantity: 31 drawings

  MAG*016*001; MAG*016*002; MAG*016*003; MAG*016*004; MAG*016*005; MAG*016*006; MAG*016*007; MAG*016*008; MAG*016*009; MAG*016*010; MAG*016*011; MAG*016*012; MAG*016*013; MAG*016*014; MAG*016*015; MAG*016*016; MAG*016*017; MAG*016*018; MAG*016*019; MAG*016*020; MAG*016*021; MAG*016*022; MAG*016*023; MAG*016*024; MAG*016*025; MAG*016*026; MAG*016*027; MAG*016*028; MAG*016*029; MAG*016*030; MAG*016*032

Hughes & Hatcher, store alts., 531-33 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Quantity: 44 photomechanical reproductions : blueprints


Morton Gittelman Residence, Warrington, Pa.
Quantity: 113 drawings


Old Philadelphia Park System, Philadelphia, Pa.
Quantity: 5 drawings : pencil on paper. ; 4 photomechanical reproductions : mixed media.

  MAG*041*001; MAG*041*002; MAG*041*003; MAG*041*004; MAG*041*005; MAG*041*006; MAG*041*007; MAG*041*008; MAG*041*009

Samuel Gerstley Residence, Morland Oaks, Horham, Pa., alts, & adds.
Quantity: 21 drawings

  MAG778*001; MAG778*002; MAG778*003; MAG778*004; MAG778*005; MAG778*006; MAG778*007; MAG778*008; MAG778*009; MAG778*010; MAG778*011; MAG778*012; MAG778*013; MAG778*014; MAG778*015; MAG778*016; MAG778*017; MAG778*018; MAG778*019; MAG778*020; MAG778*021
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