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Elkins, William L., Col. / Elkins, William L., Residence
Quantity: 39 sheets

  V36:12 (large)

Maloney, Martin / Maloney, Martin, Residence
Quantity: 12 sheets

  V36:18 (large)

Widener, Peter Arrell Brown / Widener, P. A. B., Residence
Quantity: 45 sheets; 3 items

  V36:34 (large and rolled)

Elkins, George W., / Elkins, George W., Residence
Quantity: 14 sheets

  V36:11 (large)

Widener, Peter Arrell Brown / Widener, P. A. B., Farm House Alterations and Additions
Quantity: 12 sheets

  V36:33 (large)

Wells, William Storrs / Wells, William Storrs, Residence
Quantity: 10 sheets

  V36:31 (large)

Knight, E. C., Jr. / Knight, E. C., Jr., Residence
Quantity: 25 sheets

  V36:16 (large)

Huff, George F., Residence
Quantity: 3 sheets; 1 portfolio sheet

  V36: 14; (large); small

Scott, Edgar T. / Scott, Edgar T., Residence
Quantity: 19 sheets; 2 portfolio sheets

  V36:29 (rolled); small

Huff, George F., Hon. / Huff, George F., House
Quantity: 4 sheets; 1 portfolio sheet

  V36:13 (large); small

Perry, Belmont / Perry, Belmont, Residence
Quantity: 1 portfolio sheet

  V36 small

Rogers, Henry Welsh / , Residence
Quantity: 6 sheets

  V36:28 (large)

Duke, James Buchanan / Duke, J. B., Residence
Quantity: 3 sheets (+4 sheets photostats of originals); 1 sheet

  V36.4 (large); V36:43

Hunter, Thomas P., Residence
Quantity: 25 sheets

  V36:15 (large)

Eisenlohr, Otto / Eisenlohr Residence
Quantity: 33 sheets; 2 portfolio sheet

  V36:10 (large); small

Phipps, J. S., / Phipps, J. S., Residence Alterations and Additions
Quantity: 17 sheets; 1 folder

  V36:24 (large); small

Mitchell, F. P. / Mitchell, F. P., Residence
Quantity: 11 sheets

  V36:27 (rolled)

Montgomery, Robert L. / Montgomery, Robert L., Residence
Quantity: 46 sheets

  V36:20 (large)

Speyer, James / Speyer, James, Residence
Quantity: 44 sheets

  V36:42 (large)

Widener, Eleanor Elkins / Widener, Eleanor Elkins, Residence
Quantity: 14 sheets

  V36:32 (large)

Duke, James Buchanan / Duke, J. B., Country House
Quantity: 4 sheets

  V36:3 (large)

Stotesbury, Edward Townsend / Stotesbury, E. T., Residence
Quantity: 4 sheets

  V36:30 (large)

Phipps, Henry / Phipps, Henry, Country House
Quantity: 37 sheets

  V36:23 (large)

Free Library of Philadelphia
Quantity: 14 sheets; 1 folder; 1 folder

  V36:26 (lrolled); medium no #; small

Dixon, Fitz Eugene / Dixon, Fitz Eugene, Country House
Quantity: 43 sheets; 1 photograph, 1 crayon drawing, 2 photographs

  V36:2 (large and rolled); medium no #; small

Martin, John C. / Martin, John C., Residence
Quantity: 31 sheets

  V36:19 (large)

McFadden, George / McFadden, George, Residence
Quantity: 11 sheets

  V36:17 (large)

Rice, Mrs. Alexander Hamilton (Eleanor Elkins Rice) / Rice, Mrs. Alexander Hamilton, Residence
Quantity: 85 sheets

  V36:25 (large)

Duke University Campus Toward Medical School
Quantity: 1 sheet

  V36:8 (large)

Duke University Chapel
Quantity: 6 items

  V36:5 (large); medium (Duke University Drawer)

Duke University Gymnasium and Field House
Quantity: 1 drawing

  V36:6 (large)

New York Evening Post Building
Quantity: 1 item

  V36:40 (large)

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station
Quantity: 5 sheets, drawings; 1 folder photographs and plates

  V36:1 (large); small

Charlotte Cushman Club / Charlotte Cushman Club Alterations and Additions
Quantity: 1 sheet

  V36:41 (large)

Duke University Dormitory Group
Quantity: 1 sheet

  V36:7 (large)

Jefferson Medical College (and Dispensary)
Quantity: 1 item; 2 sheets; 1 photograph

  V36:39 (large); #7 (medium); small

Parson, Hubert T. / Parson, Hubert T., Residence
Quantity: 170 sheets

  V36:22 (large and rolled)

Unidentified Residence
Quantity: 7 items

  V36:37 (large)

Wildenstein and Company / Wildenstein and Company Building
Quantity: 51 sheets; 1 item

  V36:35 (large); small

Kearney, George F. / Bonaparte House
Quantity: 15 sheets

  V36:21 (large)

Baker, Raymond T. / Baker, Raymond T., Residence
Quantity: i item

  V36 small

Bell, John C. / Bell, John C., Residence
Quantity: 2 portfolio sheets

  V36 small

United Hotels Company of America / Benjamin Franklin Hotel
Quantity: i item

  V36 small

Berwind, E. J. / Berwind, E. J., Mausoleum
Quantity: 1 item

  V36, #1 (medium)

Clews, James B., Residence
Quantity: 1 item

  V36 small

Clews, James B. / Clews, James B., Residence
Quantity: 1 item

  V36, #2 (medium)

Douglas, A. L. (Mrs.) / Douglas, A. L. (Mrs.), Residence
Quantity: 1 portfolio sheet

  V36 small

Duke University
Quantity: 5 items; 2 drawers

  V36:5-9 (large); medium

Duke University School of Business Administration Tower
Quantity: 3 items

  V36:9 (large); medium (Duke Drawer)

Eisenlohr, Marie, Residence
Quantity: 1 portfolio sheet

  V36 small
73 total holdings, 1-50 shown. Page: 1 · 2 · Next >


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