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Corn Exchange National Bank
Quantity: 2 items

  v.11, p.173-174, v.3, p.57

Public school

  v.80, p.1

Deed, Andrew Bankson to Casper Fish et al, Churchwardens etc.


First Baptist Church

  v.15, p.16-24

Friend's Almshouse/Philadelphia Hospital

  V.48, pp. 72-82

Chestnut Street, 725
Quantity: 1 item

  v.12, p.112

Perkiomen Bridge, Collegeville

  v.7, p.120

Center Square Water Works

  V.55, pp. 88-95

Market St., 900 Block; Post Office

  V.54, pp. 191, 195-200, 207-220

Pennypack Creek Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.119

Northeast corner of 10th and Market St.

  V.55, pp. 1, 4, 5

Manatawny Creek Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.86

Chestnut Street, No. 726

  v.12, p.82

Thomas Martindale & Co.

  v.73, p.9

Residence of Thomas Lloyd

  V.36, pp. 17

Benezet's Mansion
Quantity: 3 items

  v.11, p.39-40, 168

White's Great Cattle Show and Grand Procession

  v.11, p.76, 179

Shakespeare Buildings, Theatre, Arcade.

  v.12, p.37-46

Widows and Orphans Asylum

  v2., p.106

Chestnut Street Opera House; Fox's New American Theater; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

  v.13, p.84-91, 163, 188-189

John A. Brown Residence
Quantity: 1 item

  v.13, p.140

Pennsylvania Hospital

  V.49, pp. 1-56, 66-73, 89, 91

St. Stephen's Church

  v.51, p.158-164

University of Pennsylvania

  v.80, p.2,4,7-14,155

Arch Street Theatre; S. J. Cresswell Brass and Iron Foundry

  v.2, p.1-5

Eastern Penitentary of Pennsylvania

  v.26, p.7-24

Lower Merion Meeting House

  v.17, p.202-203

The Philadelphia Bank

  v.11, p.81-85

Wharton House

  v.28, p.3-9

Andalusia Boarding School for Young Ladies
Quantity: 1 item

  v.6, p.89

Caldwell's Inn
Quantity: 1 item

  v.27, p.38

Christ Church

  v.16, p.23-55, 140

Dorsey's Gothic Mansion

  v.13, p.164-165, 190

Foot of Market St.

  V.54, pp. 2-14

Gray's Ferry Bridge

  v.7, p.73-76, 210

Mills of Holmesburg

  V.47, pp. 88-104, 107-9

Arcade, Philadelphia

  v.12, p.53-60

Doggett, Farnsworth & Co.


Market St., 200 Block; Franklin Print Shop; Joseph Cooke Umbrella Manufacturer

  V.54, pp. 46-58, 64-66

Colonnade Row; Colonnade Hotel
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.116-118

United States Mint

  v.14, p.74-94, 201-202

House of Employment & Alms House

  v.78, pp.190-193

Marshal's Sale

  v.25, p.52

Musical Fund Hall

  v.78, p.90

Thomas Stokley

  v.78, p.195

William H. Moore, Coffin Maker


Old courthouse and Friend's meeting

  V.54, pp. 32-40

Bank of Pennsylvania

  v.3, p.173-175, 245-246

Central High School

  v.55, p. 105, 126-127; v.60B, pp. 9-10; v.79, pp.6-28, 239

Chestnut St., 500 Block
Quantity: 1 item

  v.11, p.160

Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind (1838)

  v.73, pp.95-101

Front and Market St.

  V.54, pp. 22

Market St., 300 Block

  V.54, pp. 59-74

First Church of Disciples of Christ in Philadelphia

  v.17, p.204

Arch Street Bridge

  v.7, p.9

Shoemaker house

  V.34, pp. 36-38

Arch Street; Hotel Hannover; Lenox Shoes; Ultram N. Stevens Variety Store
Quantity: 2 items

  v.1, p.124, 125

Callowhill Street; Norwich Market Co.; Old Callowhill St. Market; John F. Betz-Gaul's Brewery; R. Daetwyler & Co. Grocery
Quantity: 5 items

  v.73, pp.145-148

Cherry St. Grocery Store
Quantity: 1 item

  v.73, p.43


  V.35, pp. 110-136, 168, 170

Daily Forum

  v.23 a, p.263

Front and Chestnut Sts. S. E. Corner

  v.11, p.6, 206

Harmer's Hot and Cold Baths

  v.12, p.156

Taylor's crystallized soap


The Exchange Public Baths

  v.12, p.156

William C. Allen

  v.11, p.185

The Museum

  v.78, pp.19-20

Chestnut St., 700 Block

  v.12, p.67-71, 74, 92-96, 98

Chestnut Street, 800 Block

  v.12, p.114-118, 126, 128, 132, 135-138, 155

Chestnut Street, 900 Block

  v.13, p.1-3, 15-18, 21-24, 42-46, 194

Jayne's Building

  v.11, p.17-26, 186-188, 201

Market St.. 800 Block; Strabridge & Clothier; Gimbels

  V.54, pp. 168-190, 192-4, 201

Residence of Charles L. Bonaparte

  V.55, pp. 42

Unitarian Church

  v.78, p.103

Chestnut Street, 500 Block; Carpenter Mansion

  v.11, p.130, 158, v.12, p.52

Philadelphia College of Medicine

  v.28, p.20

Athenaeum of Philadelphia

  v.28, p.89

Fair Hill Steam Cordage Factory

  v.23, p.77

Hahnemann Medical College

  v.73, p.14

Hastings and Company

  v.28, p.65

Jefferson Medical College

  v.25, p.136-138

King & Baird's Printers

  v.78, p.4

Market St., 700 Block; Graff House; Penn National Bank; J. B. Lippincott Publishing House

  V.54, pp. 132-167, 182

Philadelphia Gas Works

  V.55, pp. 195-201

Philadelphia Saving Fund Society

  v.3, p.193

R. Lindsay & Co.
Quantity: engraving

  v.11, p.119

Second Dutch Reformed Church


St. George's Hall

  v.2, p.67-73

St. Mark's Church

  v.73, p.207

St. Mark's Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.131-132

St. Mark's Protestant Episcopal Church

  v.51, p.88, 95

The Mercantile Library

  v.28, p.38

The Third Synagogue

  v.28, p.65

Trinity Methodist Church

  v.25, p.83

University Hospital

  v.25, p.58-59

W. B Saurman & Co.; Edwin J. Howlett & Son; Snellenburg Clothing Factory; De Long Hook and Eye Co.

  V.60B, pp. 15-18

Foundry of Robert Wood

  v.23 a, p.154-158


  v.73, p.185

John Baird's Spring Garden Steam Marble Works

  v.23 a, p.159-163

Market St. Bridge

  V.55, pp. 202-209

Polytechnic College of the State of Pennsylvania.

  V.55, pp. 163

Spring Garden & 13th Sts.

  v.73, p.277

Spring Garden Institute; Lu Lu Temple

  V.60B, pp. 5-7

Spring Garden St. history

  v.73, p.184

Hose and Engine

  v.29, p.15-17

New York Engine Company No. 38

  v.29, p.37

Spring Garden Commissioners' Hall; Normal School for Girls; Gas Office
Quantity: 10 items

  v.73, pp.198-203

Stock Exchange, Philadelphia

  v.23, p.15-30, 34-36

Tabernacle Baptist Church

  v.15, p.72-73, 75

Harper & Harper Co.

  V.60B, pp. 33-34

Market St., 1200 Block

  V.55, pp.43, 51, 60

Spring Garden Institute

  v.73, pp.213, 215

Bond & Denckla
Quantity: 1 item

  v.11, p.3

Calverley & Holmes
Quantity: 2 items

  v.73, p.50, 57

Charles Hallowell and Co.
Quantity: 1 item

  V.54, pp. 44

Cornelius & Baker; Cornelius & Sons
Quantity: 2 items

  v.73, pp.34-35

David Thaine & Co.

  v.73, p.172

Dentist's Chemical Pure Fine Gold Foil

  v,23, p.5

Dr. Swayne's Celebrated Family Medicines

  v.28, p.140

E.S. Farson & Company

  v.23, p.9

Establishment of Fine Arts

  v.25, p.16

F. A. Hoyt & Brothers Assembly Building; Philadelphia Electric Company

  v.13, p.63-65, 67-68

Fire on North and Commerce sts.

  v.29, p.170

Frankford factories


G.L. Broom & Co.

  v.73, p.111

Geo. W. Zimmerman, Venetian Blind Manufacturer

  v.1, p.155

George W. Carr

  v.73, p.174

Goldsmiths' Hall

  v.78, pp.35-36

H. Sebald

  v.12, p.75

Hall & Boardman, manufacturers of...plated ware of all kinds...

  v.1, p.123

Harrison's Buildings

  v.25, p.38

Jewish Synagogue, Philadelphia

  v.51, p.12

John Agnew Fire Engine Manufactory

  v.73, p.119

John Lucas & Co.

  v.1, p.122

Jones' Exchange Hotel

  v.23, p.31

Joseph Ripka's Mills, Manayunk

  v.27, p.41-42

Kerr's China Hall

  v.11, p. 163

Lex & Kirkpatrick

  v.73, p.118

Lindsay and Blakiston, Publishers & Booksellers

  v.28, p.108

Moravian Church of 1856

  v.15, p.207

More & Gallagher, Iron Founders...

  v.23 a, p.164

New Hat Company

  v.11, p.165-166

Penn Steam Marble Mantel Manufactory

  v.26, p.2

Prebyterian Board of Publication; MacDonald and Campbell Clothier and Furnishers

  v.14, p.18-21

Thomas Hargrave, Ornamental Carver and Sculptor

  v.23 a, p.165

Thomas Morgan and Company

  v.25, p.95

Troemner, H., Manufacturer
Quantity: 1 item

  V.54, pp. 55

William D. Rogers

  v.28, p.127

William Dunlap's

  v.28, p.68

Wm. H. Horstmann & Sons

  v.73, pp.30-31

Masonic Hall

  v.12, p.102-111

Arch Street and Seventh

  v.2, p.6

Loud Brothers

  v.12, p.22-24

Union Mutual Life Insurance Co.

  v.11, p.29

Arch St., 700 Block, South Side
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.19

Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul

  v.9, pp.1, 45; v.8, p.1-7, 9-11, 16, 19

Engle House

  V.33, pp. 135-42

Oestmann's Hardware, Green's Shoe Store, and the Coulter Inn

  V.34, pp. 88-97, 209

Rittenhouse Mansion

  v.2, p.10-17

The Laurens

  V.35, pp. 1-2

Washington House

  V.35, pp. 21-23

[zz] Advertisments

  v.12, p.150

[zz] Chestnut Street

  v.13, p.179-182

American Baptist Publication Society Offices
Quantity: 2 items

  v. 1, p. 161; v.15, p.41

Bensell House; National Bank of Germantown

  V.33, pp. 3-14

Dry Goods Ads

  v.2, p.21

French Academy

  V.30, pp. 213

German Reformed Church

  v.15, p.235

Hedding M. E. Church

  v.17, p.125

Northern Liberties Commissioners' Hall; Northern Liberties Grammar School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.73, pp.253-254

Residence of Robert Huckel

  V.30, pp. 74

The Exchange Saving

  v.3, p.66-67

Walnut Street Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.211-214

Wissahickon Railroad Bridge

  v.7, p.181-183

[z] Captured at Last


[z] Classified Ads

  v.12, p.25

Chestnut Street Bridge

  v.7, p.28-32, 188

Church of the Covenant

  v.16, p.68-71

Death of Ezra Styles Ely

  v.71, p.224

Dedication of a New Masonic Hall

  v.27, p.57

Delaware Avenue

  v.31, p.3

Discourse on African Colonization

  v.17, p.125

Erection of a Church in Memory of Bishop Bowman


Falls Bridge, Schuylkill River

  v.7, p.48-53, 201-202

Fifth Baptist Church

  v.15, p.15, 92

Fire Stations

  v.29, p.142, 164


  v.29, p.41-48

First Presbyterian Church of Belmont


German Hospital

  V.49, pp.158-61

Girls' High & Normal School

  v.79, pp.30-34

Green St. west of 7th St.

  v.73, p.255

Jewish Foster Home Synagogue

  v.51, p.13

List of schools

  v.79, pp.63-64

Market St., 600 Block

  V.54, pp. 121, 125-131

Memorial Church of St. Luke, the Beloved Physician

  v.51, p.82

North Penn Church

  v.17, p.125

Pine Street Meeting House

  v.17, p.153-154

Pitman Chapel

  v.17, p.125

Religious Notices

  v.51, p.184

Rev. Dr. Moriarty's Lecture

  v.9, p.50

Sabbath School Anniversary

  v.17, p.125


  v.31, p.2

South Presbyterian Church, Southwark

  v.71, p.226

St. Paul's Church

  v.51, p.82

St. Paul's Church

  v.8, p.198-200

St. Peter's P. E. Church

  v.51, p.130-138

St. Vincent de Paul's Church and Rectory

  v.8, p.235-238

The Burd Orphan Asylum

  v.51, p.166

Volunteer Fire Companies

  v.29, p.46

Warner Miskey & Merrill

  v.12, p.79-80


  v.51, p.82

Arch St., 700 Block.

  v.2, p.29-32

J. W. Proctor & Company

  v.13, p.186

North Broad St. Church

  V.60B, pp. 11

[z] City Intelligence

  v.71, p.183

African Bethel Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.17, p.125

Church of the Annunciation
Quantity: 1 item

  v.9, p.48

German Mission Church

  v.17, p.105

Religious Notices

  v.51, p.184

Sansom Street Baptist Church

  v.15, p.57-58

Second Universalist Church

  v.51, p.50

St. Clement's Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.61-67

St. Paul's M. E. Church

  v.17, p.84-85

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Roxborough

  v.51, p.167-171

Trinity Chapel

  v.16, p.154, 156

Trinity Methodist Church

  v.17, p.105-106

Views of 400 Block, Chestnut St.

  v.11, p.113-115

A.C. Curtin School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.78

Barton School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.40

Beideman School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.72, pp.44-45

Chandler School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.72, pp.65-67

Fifteenth Ward Grammar School


Headquarters for Recruiting Colored Troops

  v.13, p.131-132

Kenderton School, 21st Section

  v.72, p.138

Penn Grammar School, 20th Section

  v.72, p.196

S.A. Douglas School, 19th Section

  v.72, p.81

Washington Grammar School, 2nd Section

  v.72, pp.246-249

William A. Lee School

  v.72, p.144

Cherry St. School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.68

Old Germantown skating park

  V.33, pp.71

Union League

  v.20, p.159-179

Views of Chestnut Street, 400 Block

  v.11, p.123-124, 178, 180

8th Street, North, Stores; E. J. McAleer & Co. Mrs. S. Alexander's Cloak and Mantilla Emporium; Erskine's Shoe and Gaiter Emporium

  v.25, p.29-30, 32, 35, 41

American Sunday School Union

  v.13, p.119-120

American Tract Society
Quantity: 1 item

  v.13, p.144

Bailey & Co.; Bailey & Kitchen
Quantity: 1 item

  v. 12, pp. 143, 145

Carpenters' Hall; Guarantee Trust Co.

  v.11, p.49-72, 176-177, 189-191

Chas. Magarge and Company; J. G. Ditman & Co.

  v.28, p.105-107

Chestnut Street, No. 1208

  v.13, p.144

Custom House

  v.11, p.93-111, 192-195

E. Newland & Co. Looking Glasses

  v.2, p.5

Edmund Yard & Company

  v.12, p.62

Ficken and Williams

  v.28, p.66

Friedberger & Strouse

  v.25, p.27

George C.Reukauff; American Tea Company

  v.2, p.39

Girard College

  v.26, p.62-85

H. Gerker, Son and Company

  v.28, p.76

Hay and McDevitt

  V.54, pp. 41

Henry Cohen

  v.11, p.159

Ivy Cottage, Germantown

  V.34, pp. 73-75

John Farnum & Co.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.11, p.11a

John T. Lewis & Brother White Lead and Color Works

  v.26, p.100-101

Massey, Huston & Company

  v.25, p.160-161

Methodist Episcopal Book Room

  v.2, p.46-47

Morris, Tasker and Company

  v.28, p.1-2

Powers and Weightman, Manufacturing Chemists

  v.25, p.101-104

R. & G. A. Wright

  v.12, p.29

R. & G.A. Wright laboratory

  v.73, p.173

Reading Iron Works

  v.28, p.141

Snowden & Bro.

  v.25, p.17

Thompson Black & Son

  v.14, p.27

W. Henry Patten

  v.14, p.38

Wigwam of the Phila. Convention

  v.26, p.60

[z] Captain Samuel Samuels

  v.31, p.1


  v.29, p.49-53

Chestnut and 7th Sts. N.W. Corner

  v.12, p.97

Market St., 500 Block; Robert Morris Residence, Washington Residence, Tower Hall; Wanamaker's Oak Hall

  V.54, pp. 82-120, 122-4

Funeral of Chief-Engineer Lyle

  v.29, p.133

Mercantile Library

  v.25, p.140-149

Philadelphia Commercial Exchange
Quantity: 1 item

  v.29, p.131

McKensey Greenhouses.

  V.60B, pp.98-99

Pariset Cottage

  V.60B, pp. 125

Race St. Pharmacy

  v.73, p.59

Quantity: 2 items

  V.60B, pp. 12

Reading Terminal

  V.55, pp. 36-41, 49-50, 61

Franklin's Grave

  v.1, p.146

Second Presbyterian Church


Academy of Natural Sciences

  v.73, pp.86-94

American Life Insurance Company

  v.3, p.10-11

Arch St. no. 528; Bullock and Crenshaw; College of Dental Surgery

  v.1, p.160

Arch Street, 700 Block; David Rittenhouse Residence; St. Cloud Hotel

  v.1., p.56-63

Beth Eden Church

  v.15, p.6

Bridesburg Machine Works
Quantity: 2 items

  v.6, p.9

Chestnut Street, 1016-1026; Walk-over Shop; McCallum Crease & Sloan

  v.13, p.79-82

Fifth Baptist Church

  v.73, p.242

Frankford Arsenal (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Quantity: photograph, postcards, clippings

  V.30, pp. 225-232

Horstmann Brothers and Company

  v.28, p.61-62

Madison Square

  v.78, p.45

North Broad St. above Master St.

  V.60B, pp. 80-83

Our First City Hall

  v.11, p.181-183

S E corner of 21st and Market St.

  V.55, pp. 189

Schomacker Piano Factory

  v.25, p.172

St. Cloud Hotel

  v.2, p.22

Steinway Piano; Mansfield and Baird; Haseltine Art Galleries

  v.14, p.36-41

The Press

  v.12, p.72-73

University of Pennsylvania

  v.80, pp.16-17,19-24,26,32-33,39,46,48- 50,69,72,94-95,106,117,124,144

Vancouver, Residence of Nelson Brown

  v.6, p.48-49

Arch Street and Seventh
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.20

Arch Street, 700 Block
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.9

Bingham House

  V.55, pp.27-8

Chestnut Street Theatre

  v.13, pp. 161-162

Coates Street Lumber Wharves
Quantity: 1 item

  v.26, p.1

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

  v.10, p.20

Frederick Brown, Chemist

  v.11, p.131-133

Gregg Carriage Company

  v.2, p.53-55

Hospital of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia

  V.49, pp. 138-45

Indian Queen Lane

  V.34, pp.206-7

J. W. Miller

  v.10, p.20

John Wanamaker's

  V.55, pp. 77, 82, 96-102, 106-123

S. E. corner of 11th and Market St.

  V.55, pp. 22

S.S. White Dental Manufacturing Co.

  v.13, p.127-129

Scene on N. Broad St.

  V.60B, pp. 92

Spring Garden St. west of 18th St.

  v.73, p.243, 278

Theo. Leonhardt & Son

  v.10, p.17

View of the Lumber Wharves

  v.26, p.40

W. Redfield Phelps & Co.

  v.10, p.18

Washington Hotel

  v.12, p.99-101

[z] Centennial Exhibition Clough & Warren Organ Co.

  v.10, p.18

Agricultural Hall

  v.10, p.21-26

Arkansas State Building, Centennial Exposition
Quantity: 1` item

  v.10, p.27

Baptist Home for the Aged and Poor
Quantity: 1 item

  v.26, p.140

Centennial Buildings

  v.10, p.19

Centennial Exhibition Brazilian Court
Quantity: 1 item

  v.10, 31

Centennial Exhibition Brewer's Hall
Quantity: 1 item

  v.10, p.32

Centennial Exhibition British Buildings

  v.10, p.33-36

Centennial Exhibition Building No. 41; Centennial Catalog Co.; S. M. Pettengill & Co.

  v.10, p.40, 150

Centennial Exhibition Campbell Press Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.10, p.37

Centennial Exhibition Canadian Log House
Quantity: 1 item

  v.10, p.38

Centennial Exhibition Carriage Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.10, p.39

Centennial Exhibition Chinese Showcase
Quantity: 1 item

  v.10, p.104

Centennial Exhibition Cook's World's Ticket Offices
Quantity: 1 item

  v. 10, pp. 46-48

Centennial Exhibition Glass Works; Gillender & Son Glass Factory

  v.10, p.56-57

Centennial Exhibition; Pennsylvania Railroad Depot

  v.10, p.19, 151-15154

Centennial Photographic Company Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.10, p.162-164

Charles F. Haseltine's Art Gallery
Quantity: 1 item

  v.13, p.136

Chestnut Street, and 8th St.; Times Building

  v.12, p.119-125

Croft Wilbur and Co.

  V.55, pp. 69-71

Devlin & Co.'s Centennial Souvenir

  v.10, p.99

E. Bradford Clarke Company

  v.14, p.54

E. Clinton & Co.

  v.10, p.17

E.G. Whitman & Company

  v.12, p.127

Eastburn's Select High School

  v.25, p.92

Gay's China Palace

  v.10, p.19

Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co.

  v.3, p.114-121

Hale, Kilburn and Company

  v.28, p.118

Halladay Standard

  v.10, p.211

Homer, Colladay & Co. Building

  v.14, p.45

James Arnold Blank Book Manufacturer

  v.28, p.51

Joshua Evans Livery Stable

  v. 73, p.78

Penn Safe Deposit Company

  v.23 a, p.153

Pennsylvania State Building

  v.10, p.149, 155

Pens and Pencils

  v.10, p.96, 103

Ph. J. Lauber, Restaurant

  v.28, p.44

Philadelphia Democrat Building

  v.12, p.26

Philadelphia International Exhibition

  v.10, p.1, 118

S. W. corner of 12th and Market St.

  V.55, pp. 52

Sheppard, Arrison & Sheppard

  v.13, p.78

Signers of the Declaration of Independence


Simpson's Museum

  v.2, p.36

The Delaware State Building

  v.10, p.49-50

The Reform Club House

  v.14, p.120-121

Central Coffee House
Quantity: 1 item

  V.55, pp. 144-6

Garrett & Son

  v.12, p.28

Medical College

  v.80, pp.15,17,22,27-28,32,35-36,140,160

Sherman & Co.'s Printers & Office

  v.73, p.32

George F. Smith


Merrick St. from Market to Filbert St.

  V.55, pp. 128

Duval House

  V.33, pp. 203

Friends Asylum for the Insane

  V.30, pp. 150-3

Lindsay & Pedrick

  v.25, p.93

Michell's Seeds

  V.55, pp. 14-15

Pennypack Creek

  V.47, pp. 25, 67-73, 75-83, 86, 137-148

Punch Bowl Tavern

  V.60B, pp. 110-112

Schuylkill River Bridge, Phoenixville
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.127

Spear, James, & Co.; Struthers Marble Yard
Quantity: 2 items

  V.55, pp. 13

Walker Hall

  V.33, pp. 143

C. K. Smith and Son

  V.55, pp. 171-3

Market St., 1219-1221; Hunt Wilkinson & Co. Fire

  V.55, pp. 55-6

S. W. corner at 15th and Market St.

  V.55, pp. 147

Green St. no. 2016
Quantity: 8 cyanotypes

  v.73, pp.263-267

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

  v.78, pp.108-117, 185

Library Company of Philadelphia

  v.78, pp.121-124

St. Mary's Hospital

  V.48, pp. 142-6

German Hospital

  v.26, p.87

Germantown Avenue general views

  V.33, pp. 2, 54, 111

Johnson House

  V.35, pp. 98-103

St. Michael's Lutheran Church

  V.35, pp.157-8

Unruh house

  V.36, pp. 23-5

De la Plaine's house

  V.33, pp. 16-17

Blue Anchor Hotel
Quantity: 1 item

  v.23 a, p.258

M. Kratz Dispensing Chemist

  V.32, pp. 163

Masonic Home of Pennsylvania

  V.60B, pp.122-24

Old Concord School house and burying ground

  V.35, pp.54-69

S W corner of 10th and Market St.

  V.55, pp. 210

Chestnut and 6th Street; Ledger Building

  v.28, p.97-99

Darlington, Runk & Company

  v.13, p.121-126

Elish Kent Kane School

  v.72, p.136

Henry Armitt Brown School

  v.26, p.167

Henry Disston School, Tacony

  v.6, p.42

James Logan School

  v.72, pp.147-148

Thaddeus Stevens School

  v.72, p.230; v.80, p.5

The Vinuous Rubber Grape Company

  v.13, p.191

[zz] Chestnut and Juniper Streets

  v.14, p.10-11

Allen, Lane & Scott
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.34

Becker Brothers Tailors.
Quantity: 2 items

  v.2, p.51

Daily News Building

  v.12, p.144

Fire Association

  v.28, p.57

First National Bank

  v.11, p.32-34

Hahnemann Medical College

  V.49, pp. 194-200

Harmony Court and Hudson's Alley

  v.11, p.48

Harrah Mansion

  V.60B, pp. 39-54

M. E. M'Dowell & Co.

  v.12, p.48

Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane

  V.49, pp.57-65, 74-88, 90, 92-3

Perry & Company

  v.12, p.20

Smith's Brewery

  v.28, p.40

Coulter Mansion

  V.34, pp.187-92

John W. Boughton

  v.73, pp.180-181

Medico-Chirurgical Hospital

  V.48, pp. 30-41

Northern Savings Fund, Safe Deposit and Trust Company

  v.3, p.162

Old Brewery, Brewerytown

  v.23 a, p.173

Old Mennonite Church, Germantown

  V.33, pp. 205-209, 216

Robert's Mill at Germantown

  V.34, pp.114-19, 211


  V.35, pp. 105-9

Wyck, the Haines homestead

  V.33, pp.194-202

[zz] Charles A. Smith

  v.26, p.103

Aldine Hotel
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.169

Anton Winters, Toys and Fancy Goods
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.35

Arch St. 1300 Block
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.65

Arch Street, Fifth to Seventh Streets

  v.1, p.162

Beneficial Saving Fund Society

  v. 3, pp. 14-16; v.13, p.142-143; v. 29, p. 54

Bornot, A. F., French Steam Scouring Establishment
Quantity: 1 item

  .26, p.6

Botanical Society of Pennsylvania

  v.80, pp.76-81

Burt Brothers
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.44

Edwin Forrest home for actors

  V.47, pp. 26-31, 150

Franklin Square

  v.73, p.108

German Society of Pennsylvania

  v.73, p.188

Girard Life Insurance Co.'s Building

  v.3, p.93

H. Muir's Sons

  v.73, p.73

Henry Schwemmer

  v.26, p.48

Historical and Commercial Philadelphia

  v.25, p.36

Keystone Bank Bulding

  v.3, p.135

Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co.

  v.3, p.141-144

Lorraine Apartment House; Lincoln Market

  V.60B, pp. 19-23

Mahlon Fulton and Company

  v.25, p.110

Mermaid Hotel

  V.36, pp. 65-72, 77

Moyamensing Prison

  v.23 a, p.137-146

Mutual Life Insurance Company

  v.3, p.152-154

National Bank of the Republic

  v.3, p.223, 225

Our Lady of Mercy Church

  V.60B, pp. 114

Paris Exposition

  v.28, p.162-186

Partridge and Richardson Store
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.23

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

  v.13, p.57-62

Philadelphia & Reading Railroad depot

  v.73 pp.256-259

Philadelphia Bridges

  v.7, p.2, 193

The Land Title and Trust Company

  v,12, p.19

Universalist Church of the Messiah

  V.60B, pp. 104

University of Pennsylvania Biological Hall
Quantity: 14 items

  v.80, pp.51-61,157

William D. Gardner and Son

  v.28, p.17-18

Church of the Advent

  v.15, p.106-109

City Hall

  V.58, pp.1-91, v.55, pp.129-139

Hillborn, Amos, & Co.
Quantity: 1 item

  V.55, pp.17-18

J. Franklin Miller Furnishing Goods Store
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.208

London Coffee House

  V.54, pp. 15-21

Manufacturer's Club

  v.20, p.97-104, 206.

Market St., 400 Block

  V.54, pp.75-81

Polyclinic Hospital

  V.48, pp. 102-112

Apprentices' Library
Quantity: 3 items

  v.1, pp.149, 152

Dock Street

  v.23 a, p.242-245

Old Trappe Church

  v.15, p.174-176

Passyunk Avenue

  v.23 a, p.129-136

Philadelphia Warehouse Company

  v.23, p.32

Pomona Grove

  V.35, pp. 72-83, 171

View in the Brussels Mill of Horner Bros.

  v.26, p.164-166


  V.33, pp. 147-51

[John Blood and Company]

  v.28, p.218

[zzz] Chestnut Street Views, 1300 block

  v.14, p.1-3, 27, 98, 194

[zzz] Chestnut Street, 400 Block

  v.121, p.78-79

American Fire Insurance Co.

  v.3, p.7, 8 and 9

Charles Noble & Company's Stove Works Factory
Quantity: 1 item

  v.26, p.33

Chestnut Street National Bank

  v.3, p.44-45

D.L. Witmer and Brother

  v.28, p.77

Daniel Buck

  v.28, p.73

Drexel Building

  v.3, p.62-63

Fayette R. Plumb's Works

  v.6, p.7

Fletcher Works - Schaum & Uhlinger

  v. 23 a, p.102-103

Frankford Ave., 4300 Block; Guernsey, Dr., Residence; Second National Bank, Nathan Harper Residence; Howard George's Sporting Goods Store

  V.30, pp. 89-98

Frankford factories

  V.30, pp. 215-221

Girard Avenue Bridge

  v.26, p.95

Hance Brothers & White

  v.73, pp.156-157

Historical and Commercial Philadelphia

  v.23 a, p.168

Historical and Commercial Philadelphia

  v.1, p. 105

J.M. Armstrong Co.

  v.78, p.11

John Moffett School

  v.72, pp.176-177

Keller, A. R., Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.23 a, p.152

Maternity Hospital

  V.48, pp. 27-8

McDaniels & Delaplaine School

  v.72, p.169

New Century Clubhouse

  v.20, p.114

O.F. Zurn & Co.

  v.73, p.123

Pedrick & Ayer

  v.73, p.175

People's Bank

  v.11, p.129

Post Office

  v.25, p.78-81

Presbyterian Hospital

  V.48, pp. 113-119A

Thos. Delahunty, Artistic Memorials

  v.23 a, p.176

Views of the 500 Block of Chestnut St.

  v.11, p.134-136, 151-155

Widener, P. A. B., Residence; Widener Memorial Library

  V.60B, pp. 60-65

[zz] All Saints' Church

  V.47, pp.48

[zz] Chapel of the Redeemer and King Library

  v.6, p.88

[zz] Chestnut Street

  v.28, p.139

[zzz] Chestnut Street View

  v.28, p.39

Andalusia, Residence of the Biddle Family
Quantity: 1 item

  v.6, p.86

Betsy Ross House

  v.1, p. 111, 117 - 120

Bristol College
Quantity: 1 item

  v.6, p.95

Brush Electric Light Co.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.42

Builders' Exchange; Gas Trust

  v.28, p.148-154, 187-190

Byberry Friends Meeting House
Quantity: 1 item

  v.6, p.81

Christ Church, Eddington
Quantity: 1 item

  v.6, p.93

Dublin Academy

  V.47, pp. 32-37

Echo Villa, residence of H. H. Barton

  V.47, pp. 46-7

Emmanuel Church (Holmesburg)

  V.47, pp.53-4

Farley. Residence of James Moore

  v.6, p.94

First Unitarian Church

  v.14, p.175

Francois Bouchot

  v.78, p.72

Frankford Ave., 4400 Block; Grand Army Headquarters; Allen House; Reading Railroad Station; Ball House

  V.30, pp. 99-101, 106-110

Franklin Institute

  v.28, p.191-193

Friends' Central School

  v.73, pp.79-83

Friends' Meeting House & School

  v.79, p.232

Girls' Normal School

  v.79, pp.35-36, 43-50

Grand Opera House

  V.60B, pp.100, 105

High Point Farm

  v.6, p.92

John F. Betz & Sons Brewery

  v.73, pp.153, 155

Lewis, James (Col.), Home "Crystal Springs"

  V.47, pp. 39-41

Longford, residence of Samuel C. Willits

  V.47, pp. 58-9

Manheim Club

  V.32, pp. 171-84

Maplecroft, country seat of P. Blakiston

  V.47, pp. 57

Massey, Henry V., Residence ("Beldale")
Quantity: 1 item

  v.6, p.53

Mills, George T., Residence ("Bellevue")
Quantity: 1 item

  V.47, pp. 45

Orthopedic Hospital

  V.48, pp. 67-8

Park Theatre

  V.60B, pp. 25-28

Penn Rhyn, the Old Bickley Place...

  v.6, p.87

Pleasant Hill, Residence of Director Beitler

  v.6, p.52

Queen Lane Reservoir
Quantity: photograph, clippings

  V.34, pp. 52-57

Residence and store of A. V. Gentry

  V.47, pp. 52

Residence of Alexander Knight Pedrick

  v.6, p.83

Residence of Charles McFadden

  v.6, p.90

Residence of General Thos. Kilby Smith

  v.6, p.50

Residence of George S. Clark, Esq.

  V.47, pp. 44

Rosemary, residence of Charles A. Porter.

  v.6, p.96

Sacred Heart Convent

  v.6, p.51

San Jose, Residence of Colonel Morrell

  v.6, p.54

Savage residence

  v.78, pp.196, 198

Schoenbrun, the residence of Samuel E. Stokes

  V.47, pp. 38

Spring Hill, Residence of Alexander Brown

  v.6, p.98

St. Agnes Hospital

  V.49, pp.94-5

St. Elizabeth's School

  v.6, p.91

St. Mark's Church

  v.78, pp.141-142

Stonyhurst, residence of George A. Castor

  V.47, pp. 51

Sunnyside, residence of Hon. Henry F. Walton

  v.6, p.97

The Pines, Residence of Thomas Shallcross

  v.6, p.82

University of Pennsylvania College of Hygiene
Quantity: 2 items

  v.80, p.62

Washington House

  V.47, pp. 42-3

Waveland, residence of J. W. McFadden

  V.47, pp. 55

West view of Samuel W. Evans, Jr.

  v.6, p.78

Women's Christian Association

  v.2, p.108-110

Womrath Mansion

  V. 30, pp. 49-56, 63

World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago

  v.28, p.155-160

George Eastburn's Select School

  v.79, pp.72-75

Germantown's reserve reservoir at Queen Lane

  V. 34, p. 220

Sansom St. no. 1001

  v.78, p.25

Sansom St., no. 1513

  v.78, p.30

Sansom St., no. 805

  v.78, p.18

St. James St., no. 1024

  v.78, p.46

St. James St., no. 1220

  v.78, p.47

The Jolly Post Boy

  V.30, pp. 117-120, 122

Twelfth Street

  v.25, p.197, 201-2, 216-7

Episcopal Church of the Epiphany; Pennsylvania Building; Girard Trust Company

  v.14, p.55-59

Hughes & Muller's

  v.13, p.98

La Salle College

  v.79, pp.184-188

Palms Business College

  v.14, p.152

Philadelphia Photo-Electrotype Company

  v.25, p.157

Sharpless Brothers

  v.12, p.140-141

Some old landmarks of Germantown

  V.32, pp.4-8, 148, 191

V. E. Archambault and Sons

  V.55, pp. 23

C. E. Howe Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.5

Chamber of Commerce
Quantity: 2 items

  v.3, p.38, 41

Chestnut Street Bank; Union Trust Company; Guarantors Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.12, p.81

Drexel Building

  v.11, p.118-119, 202

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company's Building

  v.3, p.176-182

Philadelphia Bourse

  v.28, p.48

Real Estate Title Insurance & Trust Company

  v.11, p.162, 164,

The Commercial National Bank of Pennsylvania

  v.11, p.47

Boys' Central High School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.73, p.214

Church of the Savior
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.150-153

Market Square, Germantown

  V.34, pp. 145-161

Seventh United Presbyterian Church

  V.30, pp. 180

Franklin Burial Plot in Christ Church Cemetery

  v.1, p.140

St. Joseph's Lenten Temperance Crusade, 1898

  v.9, p.49

The Dunkard Meeting House

  v.15, p.95-102, 104

[z] Chestnut Street from the Delaware to 6th St.


Adolph Segal's House
Quantity: 1 item

  V.60B, pp. 71

Ashmead, Charles, House
Quantity: 1 item

  V.34, pp. 32

Baynton, John, House

  V.34, pp. 4, 19-20

Belfield Club House

  V.32, pp.119-122

Bockius, William and John, Homes
Quantity: 1 item

  V.34, pp. 12

Calvary Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.10

Catholic Historical Society
Quantity: 2 items

  v.78, pp.180-181

De Walden

  V.32, pp.37

Dunkard Church

  V.35, pp.150-156

Germantown libraries

  V.33, pp. 88-109

Gilbert Stuart's Studio

  V.34, pp. 14-17

House and Shop
Quantity: 1 item

  V.34, pp. 13

Johnson House

  V.35, pp. 36-49, 166-7

Jung Kurth House

  V.34, pp. 26

Old wharfhouse at Race St.

  v.73, p.49

Peoples Trust Company of Philadelphia

  v.3, p.185-186

Rectory of St. Martin's P.E. Church

  V.30, pp. 199

Reger, Dorothy, House
Quantity: 1 item

  V.34, pp. 11

Schuylkill Navy Athletic Club

  v.2, p.98

[z] "Dead Men's Alley"

  v.25, p.107

[zz] Broad St. general views

  V.60B, pp. 55

Academy College of Philadelphia & Charity School

  v.80, pp.2-3,6,63,142-143,151

Adamson House

  V.32, pp. 73

Alburger House

  V.34, pp. 182-4

Arrott Street Railroad Station
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 158

B.B. Comegy School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.75

Benjamin Franklin's Grave
Quantity: 1 item

  v.1, p.139

Berrodin Rubber Co. Building; Friendship Liberal League; Automobile Trade Association

  V.60B, pp. 30-31, 68

Bringhurst House
Quantity: 2 items

  V.34, pp. 138

Brown Brothers & Co., Bankers
Quantity: 2 items

  v.3, p.35-37; v.11, p. 73

C.F. Rumpp and Sons, Leather Goods
Quantity: 2 items

  v.28, p.63; v.73, p. 36

Cedar Hill Hotel
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 140

Chambers-Wylie Memorial Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.52-54

Christ Reformed Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.73, p.261

Church of St. Joachim
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 200

Church of the Advocate

  v.16, p.5-9

Church of the Ascension

  v.8, p.34-36

Church of the Reformation
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.164

Church of the Resurrection
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.149

Columbia Avenue Saving Fund, Safe Deposit, Title and Trust Co.

  v.26, p.121-122

Commonwealth Title Insurance and Trust Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.12, p.146-147

Conyngham House

  V.34, pp. 21-25

Curtis Publishing Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.1, p.136

David Landreth and Sons

  v.28, p.109-110

Deathtrap Grade Crossing

  v.25, p.105

Deshler-Morris house, Germantown

  V.34, pp. 127-136, 217

Diversity of Religion Developed By Church Census

  v.51, p.74

Donat Hotel

  V.36, pp. 110-12


  v.80, pp.21,26,34,39-40,72,82,85- 90,95,105,109,137-141

Edwin T. Steel School

  v.72, p.229

Exterior of Jos. A. Blum's tailoring establishment

  V.33, pp. 21

Fidelity Storage and Warehouse

  V.55, pp. 174-185

First Presbyterian Church

  V.33, pp.70

First Presbyterian Church, Frankford

  v.71, p.95-98

Fisher's Lane

  V.32, pp. 83-6, 109, 123

Frankford branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 98-103

Frankford factories

  V.30, pp. 245-6, 253-4

Frankford Police Station

  V.30, pp. 195-7

Friends' Free Library

  V.34, pp. 101-2

Friends' Meeting House, School Lane

  V.34, pp. 166

George Hesser's house

  V.35, pp. 161-4

George Johnson, Groceries

  V.36, pp. 19

Germantown Academy

  V.34, pp. 167-181, 210

Germantown Ave., 4800 Block; Mehl House; Ottinger House; Wagner House

  V.32, pp. 74-82, 194

Germantown Ave., 5267
Quantity: 1 item

  V.34, pp. 64

Germantown Ave., 6201
Quantity: 1 item

  V.35, pp. 11

Germantown branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 104-7

Germantown factories

  V.32, pp. 51

Germantown Trust Company

  V.33, pp.55, 59-63, 217-9

Ghost House to Disappear At Last

  v.25, p.117-121

Girard Fire Insurance Company

  v.3, p.109

Grace P. E. Church, Mt. Airy

  v.16, p.138

Green St. no. 1628

  v.73, p.260

Haines Street Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.122

Hansbury Street

  V.34, pp. 212

Harper's Hollow

  V.32, pp. 112-117

Henry H. Roelofs & Company

  v.25, p.221

Henry Homestead

  V.32, pp.130-2

Historic Mansion to be Torn Down

  v.23, p.94

Historic Site for New Lippincott Company's Building

  v.28, p.87-88

Hood, Foulkrod and Co.

  V.55, pp. 29-31

Hope Presbyterian Church

  v. 71, p.128

Independence National Bank

  v.11, p.116

John Bromley and Sons

  v.26, p.157-164

John F. Betz and Son, Limited, Betz Brewery

  v.28, p.67

John Wanamaker's Department Store


Joseph Robert's Mansion

  V.32, pp. 38-48

Joss house

  v.73, p. 66

Keyser house

  V.35, pp. 148

Kitchen's Lane

  V.35, pp. 96-97

Law School

  v.80, pp.63,65,126-134,141

Lehman Mansion

  V.33, pp.29-36

Link-Belt Engineering Company

  v.23 a, p.123

Locust St., no. 2012

  v.78, p.147

Lorain House

  V.32, pp. 72


  V.32, pp.57-8, 60-68

Lutheran Publication Society

  v.2, p.94

Maennerchor's New Broad St. home

  V.60B, pp. 97

Main Street Station, Germantown

  V.33, pp.114-15

Market St. National Bank
Quantity: 2 items

  V.55, pp. 32-33

Market St., 1100 Block

  V.55, pp. 3-19-21, 25-6, 29

Market St., 135

  V.54, pp. 45

Market St.. 1300 Block; Potts, W. F., Iron Store

  V.55, pp. 62-4, 72-75, 78, 83

Markoe residence

  v.78, p.144

Masonic Hall, Germantown

  V.34, pp. 120

Miller's house

  V.32, pp. 133

Mills at Germantown

  V.34, pp.107-9

Mizpah Church Dedicated

  v.25, p.2

Morris-Littell House

  V.33, pp. 167-76

Municipal Hospital

  V.48, pp. 60-65A

Neglee house

  V.32, pp. 56, 59

Nicetown branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 114

Ninth Street Church of the Evangelical Association

  v.15, p.252

North Presbyterian Churches, Old and New

  v.71, p.144-147

Old First Associate Methodist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.190

Old log cabin

  V.36, pp. 73-76

Old Swedes Church

  v.16, p.98-136

P. E. Church of the Good Shepherd

  v.16, p.137

Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives and Granting Annuities

  v.11, p.161

Pennsylvania Institute for the Deaf and Dumb

  V.36, pp. 39-43

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

  v.25, p.156

Philadelphia Dispensary

  v.28, p.36-38

Philadelphia's Old Churches

  v.71, p.65

Poor Children Picnic in Park

  v.25, p.46

Port Royal Mansion

  V.30, pp. 206-9

Residence of Dr. William M. Aldrich

  V.36, pp. 18

Residence of Thomas A. Gummey

  V.35, pp. 95

Residence of Thomas H. Garrett

  V.36, pp. 35

Rose Cottage

  V.35, pp. 20

Royal House

  V.32, pp. 136-8

Savings Fund Society of Germantown

  V.33, pp.45-46

Savings Fund Society of Germantown

  V.34, pp.162-65

Second Regiment Armory

  V.60B, pp. 112-13

Seventh Day Adventists Hold Services in Camp

  v.28, p.78

Sons of Halberstam

  v.51, p.8

Sower family

  V.34, pp. 2-3

Spring Garden National Bank

  v.73, pp.190-191

Spruce St., 1700 blk

  v.78, pp.207-208

St. Chrysostom Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.59-60

St. Francis of Assisi Church

  v.8, p.65-66

St. Gregory's R. C. Church

  v.8, p.83-85

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

  V.34, pp. 99

St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Germantown

  v.51, p.83-87

St. Matthew's Protestant Episcopal Church

  v.51, p.108

St. Stephen's Church

  V.32, pp. 141

St. Stephen's Evangelical Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.168-169


  V.32, pp. 10-31

Stephen Girard Building

  v.25, p.212, 214

Summerfield Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.95

The City Trust, Safe Deposit and Surety Co.

  v.3, p.46-47

The Dobson Building


The Universalist Church of the Messiah

  v.51, p.43-49

The Word of God

  v.2, p.107

Troy Steam Laundry

  v.2, p.78

Twenty-ninth Street Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.107

U.S. Army Recruiting Station

  v.73, p.19

United States Mint

  v.73, pp.217-234

Van Lauchet House

  V.34, pp. 27-30

Wayne Avenue

  V.34, pp. 203-5

Wayne Junction

  V.32, pp. 34-36, 49-50, 55

Wayne Junction United Evangelical Chapel, Germantown

  v.15, p.248-249

William Mann Company

  v.28, p.52

William Penn Charter [Friends'] School

  v.79, p.241

Wister/Brown/Smith house

  V.34, pp. 45

Ye Olde Mint

  v.28, p.196-214

Young Republican Club house

  V.35, pp. 8

Ziegler Brothers, Shoe Manufactory

  v.28, p.58-59

Zoar M. E. Church

  v.17, p.121-122

[z] Church of the New Jerusalem, Phila.

  v.51, p.54-55

[zzz] Chestnut Street Views, 300 block

  v.11, p.31, 35, 36

Bell-in-Hand Ale House; McGillin's
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.37

Bouschur & Holmes
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.136

C.J. Heppe Piano Warehouse and Factory
Quantity: 1 item

  v.28, p.126

Calvary Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.56-58

Carlton Mansion

  V.34, pp. 46-51

Central Soup House
Quantity: 2 items

  v.73, pp.33, 37

Charles Wilson Peale's Home; Wister Mansion

  V.32, pp.92-84, 105-8

Chestnut Street, No. 1518
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.122

Church of the Ascension

  v.16, p.14-15

Church of the Holy Apostles; Richard Newton Memorial Building

  v.16, p.141-148

Church of the Transfiguration
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.172

Dr.Thomas Bond's Grave found after 108 years

  v.1, p.165

Elks Will Open New Home To-day

  v.2, p.97

Episcopal Academy

  v.78, p.128

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Apostles

  v.15, p.113

Falls of Schuylkill

  v.27, p.15-19

Farmer's and Mechanic's National Bank

  v.11, p.128

First Unitarian Church

  v.51, p.40-41

Fleckenstein House

  V.32, pp. 143-5

Frankford Country Club


Franklin Field, Gymnasium & athletic events

  v.80, pp.94,96-104,106-108,118-120,122,125

Germantown Dispensary and Hospital

  V.34, pp. 76-78

Granite school building

  v.72, p.111

Green & 16th Sts.

  v.73, p.262

Hilles homestead

  V.30, pp. 48

Homes of the First Presbyterian Church

  v.28, p.136

J. W. Pepper

  v.25, p.13

John Hancock School

  v.72, pp.115-116; v.80, p.5

Knickerbocker Carpet Renovating and Storage Co.

  v.25, p.108

Ludwick School

  v.79, pp.96-100

MacGibeny College

  v.73, p.241


  v.27, p.20

Manayunk History

  v.27, p.63, 66-69

Manayunk National Bank

  v.27, p.48

Marks Brothers.' Enlarged Stores

  v.25, p.25-26

Mt. Pleasant Avenue Presbyterian Church, Mt. Airy


New brick school

  v.72, p.51

New Station at Germantown Junction

  v.23, p.89

No.1519 Arch St....

  v.2, p.96

Office Building for Baptist Publication Society

  v.14, p.42, 57

Olney Consolidated School

  v.72, p.193

Our Lady of Mercy

  v.8, p.172-177

Our Lady of Mercy Boarding and Day School
Quantity: 1 item

  V.60B, pp. 96

Our Lady of Victory

  v.8, p.180-185

Pennsylvania Peace Society

  v.2, p.75

Philadelphia Veterinary Medical and Humane Society

  v.28, p.134

Protestant Church of the Epiphany

  v.16, p.85

Public School

  v.73, p.77

Race & 2nd Sts.

  v.73, p.52

Race St. recreation pier

  v.73, pp.47-48

Real Estate Trust Company

  v.3, p.215-221

Rock House

  V.34, pp.79-82

Royal House

  V.32, pp.134

Rubicam School, Cheltenham

  v.79, p.116

Scene of the Fire at Blabon's Mill

  v.32 a, p.125

Shoe Store Supplies

  v.26, p.52

Some Franklin relics that were owned by Mrs. Gillespie

  v.1, p.142

St. Bonifacius's Parish School

  v.79, p.165

St. Charles Borromeo Church

  v.8, p.52-54

St. Columba's Catholic Church

  v.8, p.55-56

St. John the Evangelist

  v.8, p.113-126

St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church, Bustleton

  v.6, p.77

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

  v.14, p.174

St. Paul's Reformed Church

  v.15, p.239

St. Peter's Catholic Church

  v.26, p.50

St. Philips' Church

  v.16, p.196-197

St. Thomas Aquinas Church

  v.8, p.227-232

Tacony Car Barn

  v.6, p.44

The Bank of North America

  v.11, p.36

The Mary Disston School

  v.6, p.43

The Pennsylvania Building

  v.14, p.133-135

The Philadelphia National Bank

  v.11, p.127

Thomas Godfrey, inventor of the quadrant

  V.34, pp. 121-123

Union Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.108-109

Valentine J. Wagner

  v.26, p.46

Vaux School

  v.72, p.243-244; v.80, p.5

Wakefield Mills

  V.32, pp.95-104

Washington Square publishing companies

  v.78, pp.82-84

Western Saving Fund

  v.3, p.250

Wissahickon Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.119-120

Women's Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

  v.14, p.127-128,

Workingmen's Hotel of the Salvation Army

  v.78, p.154

Young Men's Christian Asociation

  v.14, p.46-53

[z] Captain James L. McBlain

  v.73, p.193

[z] Courts and alleys

  v.26, p.41

Andrew J. Bair & Son

  v.73, pp.21-22

Arcade Building

  V.55, pp. 143, 148-53

Baldwin Locomotive Works

  V.60B, pp. 1-4

Bethanien Lutheran Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.27, p.79

Bible Christian Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.57

Brick & Haas Realty
Quantity: 1 item

  v.23 a, p.104

Church of the Atonement

  v.16, p.16-18

Commodore James Barron House

  V.34, pp. 5-6

Devon Swan Inn

  v.23 a, p.178

Duys House

  V.32, pp. 140

Electric Fountain and Lake

  v.23 a, p.235-238

First Baptist Church, Germantown

  v.15, p.25-27

First Presbyterian Church

  v.78, p.78

Fowler & Hanna Company

  v.13, p.101

Free Ice Fund Distributing Station No. 1

  v.25, p.170

Friends' School, Germantown

  v.79, pp.224-225, 231, 233

Friends' West Philadelphia School

  v.79, pp.212, 222, 228-230

Gimbel Brothers

  v.25, p.88-89

Girls' High School

  v.73, p.235

Historic Inns of Phila.

  v.23 a, p.185

Holmesburg Baptist Church

  V.47, pp. 61

Holy Trinity Church

  v.78 p.172

Jayne Mansion; Aldine Motion Picture Theatre; Hamilton Court Apartments

  v.14, p.163-165, 198-199

John Chambers Memorial Church

  v.71, p.45-51

Juniper and Market Sts.

  V.55, pp. 85-6

Keyser House

  V.35, pp.13-18

Kolb's uptown bakery

  V.60B, pp. 127

Kynett Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.26, p.190


  v.80, pp.13,29,73,114-117,156

Lehigh Avenue Baptist Church

  v.15, p.34

Locust St., 1700 blk

  v.78, p.145

Lutheran Orphan's Home and Asylum for the Aged and Infirm of Germantown

  V.36, pp. 29-34, 184


  v.27, p.58-60

Manayunk Laundry

  v.27, p.52

Market St., 1015
Quantity: 2 items

  V.55, pp. 12

Market St., 1020-1024
Quantity: 1 item

  V.55, pp. 16

Market St., 1113

  V.55, pp. 34

Mask and Wig Club

  v.20, .106-111

Merrick & Agnew Fire Engine Manufactory & Brass Foundry

  v.73, p.127

Metzger and Unrod Homesteads

  V.35, pp. 91-94

Milestown M. E. Church and Parsonage

  v.23 a, p.239

Move Bodies to Make Way for New Church

  v.16, p.194

Moving homes in vicinity of Tacony and Paul St.

  V.30, pp. 198

Mt. Airy Presbyterian Church

  V.36, pp. 37

Mt. Sinai Cemetery Mortuary Chapel

  V.30, pp. 154

N. Snellenburg & Co.

  V.55, pp. 44-47

National Cemetery

  v.23 a, p.127

New Kynett Memorial Church

  v.17, p.73

Nicetown, Philadelphia Pa.

  v.23, p.90-93

Old house on Midvale Ave.

  V.34, pp. 58

Old Kulp House Razed

  v.23 a, p.216-217

Open air restaurants at City Hall

  V.58, pp. 64

Parker Stores

  V.33, pp.116-17

Philadelphia Musical Academy

  v.79, pp.111-113

Philadelphia Stove Company

  v.28, p.74

Photographers to Move into a new Clubhouse

  v.2, p.103

Port Richmond Branch

  v.26, p.156

Protestant Episcopal Church of the Crucifixion

  v.16, p.92

Public Bath

  v.25, p.39-40

Quaint House on Nicetown Lane

  v.23 a, p.121

Rittenhouse Mansion

  v.27, p.61-62

Roxborough Properties

  v.27, p.92-93

Ruins of Armour & Company's Storehouse

  v.26, p.139

Ruins of Rosenblatt Novelty Works

  v.26, p.108

School House Lane

  V.34, pp. 193-6

Seal of Germantown

  V.32, pp.1

Service of Praise

  v.71, p.22-28

Sixth St. Views

  v.28, p.80, 83

Sparrow Jack House

  V.35, pp. 138-40

Spiegel's Paint store

  V.33, pp. 122-4, 146

Spruce St., 700 blk

  v.78, pp.178-179

St. Chrysostom's P.E. Church

  v.26, p.146

St. Elizabeth's Church

  v.26, p.133-135

St. John the Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.27, p.46

St. John the Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  V.32, pp. 135

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.119-121, 127

St. Joseph's College

  v.26, p.96-97

St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church

  v.8, p.239

St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Church

  v.25, p.192

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.159-161

Sunday Breakfast Association

  v.25, p.220

Swimming Pool

  v.25, p.191

The Philadelphia Woolen Goods Cleaning and Re-finishing Works

  v.26, p.116, 118

The Present Publication Office

  v.1, p.133

Union Business College

  v.2, p.59, 61-62

Union Business College

  v.79, p.131

Vernon Park

  V.33, pp.53

Wayne Avenue Baptist Church

  v.15, p.86-88

Westside Presbyterian Chruch

  v.71, p.219

Wharton School

  v.80, pp.64-65

White cottage, Germantown

  V.32, pp. 168-70

William L. Elkins Masonic home for orphan girls

  V.60B, pp. 131

Arch St. 1000 Block; Griffith and Page Building

  v.2, p.44-45

Arch Street Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.14-16, 19

Aronomink Golf Club

  v.20, p.6

Ashmead Houses; Armat House

  V.34, pp. 139-143

Banks Business College; Oppenheim, Collins & Co.
Quantity: 2 items

  v.13, p.150-160

Bath House
Quantity: 1 item

  v.73, p.137

Baugh, Daniel, Residence

  v.78, pp.133-139

Billmeyer House

  V.35, pp. 141-7

Broad Street Baptist Church
Quantity: 2 items

  v.15, p. 8; v.60B, pp. 32

Cassatt Residence

  v.16, p.2; v.78, pp.50-52

Eleventh and Passyunk Avenue, Phila.

  v.23 a, p.146

Fire Engines

  v.29, p.34-35

Franklin Reformatory Home for Inebriates

  v.78, pp.95-99

G.C. Seidel & Co.

  v.73, p.148

Germantown Ave., 6143-6145

  V.35, pp. 6-7

Germantown Avenue

  v.23, p.95-101

Girard Ave. Theatre Gutted By Flames

  v.29, p.79

Grade crossing accident stirs citizens to protest evils of the death traps

  V.33, pp. 69

Henry Phipps Institute

  V.49, pp. 201-3

Historic Roberts Mansion

  V.34, pp. 110

Holy Communion Congregation Settles

  v.16, p.117

Home of Elisha Kent Kane

  V.32, pp. 110-111

Hospital Mission to Have a Church

  v.26, p.177

Indian Queen Tavern and Inn

  V.34, pp. 31

John V. Shisler & Son

  v.25, p.169

Leefson - Hille Conservatory of Music

  v.14, p.123

Leverington's Silver Anniversary

  v.27, p.80

Lu Lu Temple

  v.73, pp.197, 204, 206, 209-212

McFadden residence

  v.78, pp.209-212

Modern Toll-gate Houses Along Old York Road

  vb.23 a, p.195

Morrell residence

  v.78, p.48

Neglect of a Park Site.

  v.23, p.83

Northeast Manual Training School

  v.72, pp.10-26

Owen Wister's Birthplace

  V.32, pp. 142

Panoramic View

  v.25, p.200

Passyunk Ave.

  v.23 a, p.148-150

Philadelphia Conservatory of Music

  V.60B, pp. 38

Protestant Episcopal Hospital Mission

  v.51, p.141

Race St. fire

  v.73, p.104

Rising Sun Lane

  v.23, p.76

Rockledge school

  v.72, p.212

Royal apartment hotel

  V.60B, pp. 72

Solitude Falls Before Progress

  v.23 a, p.200-213

St. Agatha's Church

  v.8, p.12-13, 23

St. Bridget's Church and Pastor

  v.27, p.7

St. Edward the Confessor

  v.8, p.60-64

St. Elizabeth's [Parish] School

  v.79, pp.170-170A

St. Monica's R. C. Church

  v.8, p.158-159

St. Paul's Church

  v.51, p.121-123, 125

Steel and Rolling Mills of the Pencoyd Iron Works

  v.27, p.44

Summer Hill

  V.30, pp. 148-9

Temple [University]

  v.79, pp.122-130

Tenement house fire

  v.78, p.102

The Arch Street Tidings

  v.71, .17-18, 20

The Banco Torino

  v.25, p.3-4

The Belgravia

  v.14, p.161

The Clinton

  v.25, p.123

Thirteenth Street and Ridge Avenue

  v.23 a, p.166

Trinity Lutheran Church

  V.34, pp. 39-44

Volunteer Fire Fighters Philadelphia

  v.29, p.20, 30-32

Watson, J. F., House

  V.34, pp. 65-69

Ziegler Expedition, 1903

  v.14, p.119

[z] Albert Wilson

  v.80, pp.91-93

[zz] Crow's-Head Stairway

  v.27, p.43

Abigail Vare School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.72, p.241

American Oncologic Hospital

  V.48, pp. 69-71

Boyer Farm
Quantity: 1 item

  V.34, pp. 124

Brooks School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.56

Bustil, Cyrus, House
Quantity: 1 item

  v.6, p.76

Buttonwood Inn; Roebuck Inn

  V.32, pp. 153-60

Carroll Primary School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.62

Children's Homeopathic
Quantity: 1 item

  V.49, pp. 115-120

Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 84

Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 61

Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 62

Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 46

Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp.47

Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 51

Fighting the Flames
Quantity: ewspaper clipping

  v.29, p.71-72

Fire Engines

  v.29, p.40

Fire Ruins Factory

  v.29, p.99

First Methodist Episcopal Church

  V.33, pp. 177-78, 185-6

First Schwenkfeldian Church


Forepaughs Theatre Front Fire Escapes

  v.25, p.27

Friends' Meeting House

  V.34, pp.100-101

George, Henry, Birthplace
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.125-126

Germantown Ave. and Hillcrest

  V.36, pp. 123

Germantown Ave., 6843

  V.36, pp. 21

Germantown Ave., 7700 Block

  V.36, pp. 81-3

Germantown Ave., 7900 Block

  V.36, pp. 85-6

Germantown Ave., 8000 Block; Chestnut Hill Public School

  V.36, pp. 87-91

Germantown Ave., 8100 Block

  V.36, pp. 92-5

Germantown Ave., 8200 Block

  V.36, pp. 96-103

Germantown Ave., 8400 Block

  V.36, pp. 105-6

Germantown Ave., 8600 Block

  V.36, pp. 114-6

Gorgas House

  V.36, pp. 20, 22

Grand Castle Hall

  V.60B, pp. 37

Hamilton, William, Blacksmith Shop

  V.36, pp. 63

Harlan House

  V.34, pp. 18

Herbert D. Shivers, Inc.

  v.73, p.6

Highland Ave. and Germantown Ave.

  V.36, pp. 113

Home of the New Southern Club

  v.14, p.160

Howard Hospital

  V.49, pp. 204-16

Huber Place Barn
Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 122

Immaculate Conception [Parish] School, Germantown

  v.79, p.179

Italian Hospital Dispensary

  V.49, pp. 221

J. Worcester Worrall Residence "Column Hall"

  V.30, pp. 210

J.P.Fleming Grocer

  V.33, pp. 121

John Stafford's New Houses

  v.26, p.136

Kensington Hospital for Women

  V.48, pp. 22-25

Kilderry Restaurant

  v.73, p.163

Lecture & McDermott's Saloon

  v.73, p.129

Lewis Elkins School

  v.72, p.87

Manheim Street

  V.32, pp. 146

Mayer's Rathskeller

  v.2, p.76

Methodist Episcopal Hospital

  V.48, pp. 50-5

Mutual Republican Club

  v.73, p.109

Mutual Republican Club

  v.20, p.113

Nathan Marple's furniture and carpets

  V.34, pp. 84-85

New Home of the Germantown Automobile Club

  v,20, p.63

New Piano Factory for Phila.

  v.25, p.111

Nice and Dorsey Houses

  V.35, pp. 52-53

Perot Malting Company; Henry Schmidt & Bros.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.29, p.100

Perry Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.79, p.70A

Philadelphia "Times" annex

  v.78, pp.16-17

Phillips Brooks School

  v.79, p.115

Poquessing Creek Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.125-126

Readheifer, Charles, Home

  V.36, pp. 108-9

Rex, Geroge V., House

  V.36, pp. 120-1

Roberts Farmhouse, Fisher's Lane

  v.23, p.39, 39a

Roman Catholic High School

  v.79, pp.146-161, 211

Roset House

  V.32, pp. 164-7, 195

Roxborough Baptist Church

  v.15, p.55-56

Ruins of Fire

  v.29, p.73

Ryerss Park, the City's New Addition

  v.6, p.101-102

St. George's Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.51-58

St. Luke's Methidist Protestant Church

  v.17, p.130

Steamboat house

  V.36, pp.36

Students' Chapter

  v.79, p.121

Thomas Kunder's house

  V.34, pp. 7-10

Volcano of Fireworks Kills Three

  v.29, p.80-83

Waterview Park

  V.33, pp. 155-58

West Philadelphia Hospital for Women

  V.48, pp. 157-8, 160-2

Wharton St. Church

  v.71, p.221, 223

Wharton Street M. E . Church

  v.17, p.114-118, 123, 133

Wheel Pump Inn

  V.36, pp. 130

Wills Eye Hospital

  V.48, pp.165-7

Wissinoming Farm, near Bridesburg

  v.6, p.21-22

5th and Gaskill; Free Quaker's Burying Ground Gate; Storefront; Ampitheatre of 1797

  v.28, p.12-15

Addison St., 1213-1215
Quantity: 1 item

  v.29, p.76

American Hospital for Diseases of the Stomach
Quantity: 3 items

  V.49, pp. 98-99; v. 73, pp. 272-273

Anne DeBenneville Mears Residence "Conneval Cottage"
Quantity: 2 items

  v.23 a, p.214-215

Bell Engraving Company; Pakradooni's Print shop

  v.11, p.15

Church of the Transfiguration

  v.8, p.233

Death Trap

  v.26, p.112

Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 44

Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 60

Elevated Railline Under Construction

  v.7, p.61

Elks Headquarters

  v.2, p.64, 80

Ferris and Leach

  v.28, p.142-143, 195


  v.29, p.58

Friends' Central School

  v.79, p.212, 214-221, 223, 227

Friends' Neighborhood Guild

  v.17, p.199

German Theatre

  v.26, p.53-55

Germantown Coal Yard

  V.33, pp. 113

Gibson Estate Building

  V.55, pp. 76

Girard Ave. Crossing of the Reading R.R.

  v.26, p.57

Girard Avenue Sanitarium

  v.26, p.86

Girard Avenue Station

  v.26, p.51

Greek Orthodox Church and its Pastor

  v.51, p.62

Headquarters of the National Union Club

  v.13, p.133

Horace Binney School


Horn & Hardart Baking Company

  v.29, p.77

Hunting Park Avenue

  v.23 a, p.110-114

James G. Blaine School

  v.72, pp.49-50

Joseph Jefferson

  v.78, pp.173-177

Kolb's Downtown Bakery

  v.25, p.115

Lehigh Avenue Branch of the Carnegie Library

  v.26, p.169

Leong Tong Society

  v.73, p.63

Locust St., 400 blk

  v.78, pp.60, 71, 73

Locust St., 500 blk

  v.78, pp.74-75

Locust St., SE corner

  v.78, p.127

Market Street Elevated

  V.55, pp. 154-6

Mount Sinai Hospital

  V.48, pp. 59

Moving a Church

  v.71, p.120

New Home of Hebrew Literature Society

  v.20, p.79

New hotel for S. Penn Square

  V.55, pp. 169

Ninth Street and Fairmount Ave.

  v.25, p.99

Old Rising Sun Down and Out

  v.23, p.79-81

Pennsylvania College of Music

  v.79, pp.108-109

Philadelphia Dental College

  V.49, pp. 133

Point Breeze Oil Tank Blew Up

  v.29, p.84

Private House

  v.23 a, p.108

R. W. Ryerss Estate "Burholme"
Quantity: 2 items

  v.6, p.99, 100, 103

Reformed Church of Oak Lane

  v.15, p.237


  v.78, p.105

Rousseau residence

  v.78, p.168

Settlement Music School

  v.79, pp.106-107

Spring Garden Park

  v.73, pp.194-195

Spruce & 4th Sts., NW & SW corners

  v.78, pp.164-165

Spruce St., 1400 blk

  v.78, p.202-203

Spruce St., nos. [302], 306-308

  v.78, pp.159-160

St. George's Methodist Church; Thirteenth St. Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.17, p.134

St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum

  v.78, p.177

St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal Church

  v.51, p.127-129

Storage Warehouse Fire

  v.29, p.78

Stores at 10th and Market St.

  V.55, pp. 6-10

Textile Hall Gutted

  v.29, p.74

The Frontenac Apartments

  V.60B, pp. 95

Third Church of the Covenanters

  v.51, p.52

Thirteenth Street Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.101-102

Thousands Witness Celebration of the Feast of Saint Teresa

  v.8, p.227

Torresdale Boulevard Bridge

  v.6, p.46

Towers residence

  v.78, pp.119-120, 126

Under new management

  V.33, pp.153-54

Union League's First Home

  v.13, p.105-107, 195

Volunteer Firemen's Parade

  v.29, p.36

Warehouse Fire

  v.29, p.75

Widener Memorial Home for Crippled Children

  v.23 a, p.187-190

Wilmot Street, 1808
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 223

Alexander D. Bache School
Quantity: 3 items

  v.72, p.34

Central Presbyterian Church
Quantity: 2 items

  v.71, p.60-61, 226

Chas. J. Schaefer, Conveyancer Office
Quantity: 1 item

  V.33, pp.68

Clearview Public School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.71

Quantity: 1 item

  v.23, p.38

Dreer's Seed Warehouse

  v.78, p.86

Drexel Mansion

  v.6, p.105

Engineering Building

  v.80, pp.111-113

Episcopalians Plan Large New Parish

  v.51, p.126

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Incarnation

  v.15, p.116

Evening Home and Library Association

  v.20, p.44, 48-49


  v.29, p.86

Fire at 9th and Washington Ave.

  v.29, p.89

Fire in McIlvain's Lumber Yard

  v.29, p.85

Fire in Old Odd Fellows' Temple

  v.29, p.101

Fire Station

  v.29, p.112

Fire Wipes Out Manufacturing Plants

  v.29, p.87

First House of the North American

  v.23, p.33

First Presbyterian Church, Germantown

  v.71, p.99-104

Flames Swept Through Big Power House

  v.29, p.104

Furness residence

  v.78, pp.80, 85

G.W. and J. M. Zane

  v.26, p.176

Gasthaus Cider Saloon

  v.73, p.124

James Campbell School

  v.72, pp.59, 208-210

Jeanes Mansion

  v.6, p.106-109

Locust St. residences, 2200 blk

  v.78, pp.148-150

Locust St., no. 1235

  v,78, p.107

Memorial Church of St. Paul

  v.51, p.124, 126

Midnight mission

  v.78, p.100

Midvale Congregational Church

  v.51, p.34


  v.73, p.138

Mr. Ashbridge's home

  V.60B, pp. 108-9

Mt. Airy Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.77-78

Muth Store and House

  v.26, p.125

New Years Shooters

  v.26, p.47

Northern Trust Co.

  v.73, pp.186-187

Northminster Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.148-150

Oak Lane M. E. Church

  v.17, p.80-81

Oxford Meeting House

  V.30, pp. 215-7

Pastor Gone, Church at Creditors' Mercy


Pelham car barn

  V.36, pp. 2

Perambulating Church Bothers Liquor Licence Applicants

  v.51, p.67

Presbytertians to Unite

  v.51, p.126

Public Ledger

  v.23, p.10

Rittenhouse Building

  V.33, pp. 145

Sauer House

  V.34, pp. 33-35

Scenes of Last Night's Disturbance

  v.25, p.1

Ship house

  V.35, pp. 84-90, 169

Southern Homeopathic Institute

  V.48, pp. 154

Southern Manual Training School

  v.72, pp.27-29

Spruce St., SE corner of 7th st.


St. Bonaventura's

  v.8, p.47-48

St. David's P. E. Church

  v.16, p.73

St. Francis Xavier's Church Prey to Flames

  v.8, p.72-79

St. John the Baptist Church, Manayunk

  v.8, p.107-109

St. Joseph's Hospital

  V.48, pp. 130-9

St. Paul's Colored Baptist Church

  v.15, p.43

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.158-159

St. Peter Clavier [Parish] School

  v.79, pp.203-205

Steeplejack on a Spire

  v.71, p.193-194

Tacony Branch Free Library

  v.6, p.34

The House of Mirth

  v.6, p.45

Thomas, the Tailor

  V.34, pp. 126

Tower Hall Visited by Fire

  v.29, p.101

Townsend residence

  v.78, pp.156-157

Trinity Church, Oxford

  v.51, p.174-182

Trinity Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.173, 177-178, 180

United States Smelting Works

  v.73, p.216

University House

  v.80, pp.118,123,167

Veterinary College

  v.80, pp.27,66-69,159

Weiss Homestead

  v.6, p.84

Wharton Street Presbyterian Church

  v.17, p.134

Where Mrs. Lewis was Murdered

  v.25, p.193

Wistar residence

  v.78, pp.61-69

Wister's Hollow

  V.32, pp.118

Woodstock Mansion

  v.26, p.142-143

[z] Basswood Blooms for the Bees

  v.27, p.89

[z] Castor Road

  V.30, pp.157

[z] Church Merger Celebrated


[zz] Andorra Nurseries

  V.36, pp.145-9

Academy Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.27, p.8-8a, 13

All Saint's Church, Bridesburg
Quantity: 1 item

  v.8, p.24-25

All Saints' Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.110-111

Allegheny Avenue, 1511
Quantity: 1 item

  v.26, p.182

Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.2

Bath House
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 205

Bolivar House
Quantity: 1 item

  v.12, p.51

Brown Knitting Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.26, p.181

Callowhill St. west of 20th St.; Parkway
Quantity: 4 items

  v.73, pp.169-171

Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church
Quantity: 2 items

  v.17, p.19-22

Carey, Bridget, Residence
Quantity: 1 item

  v.73, p.176

Casa Ravello
Quantity: 1 item

  v.28, p.135

Cedar Hill Cemetery Entrance
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 141

Central Congregational Church

  v.51, p.30-32

Charles W. Henry School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, pp.125-126

Chelten Trust
Quantity: 1 item

  V.33, pp. 73

Chestnut Hill Free Library

  v.36, pp. 117-9; v. 58, pp. 94-96

Church of Maternity
Quantity: 1 item

  v.8, p.154

Church of the Epiphany Parish School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.79, p.171

Church of the Restoration

  v.51, p.50-51

Columbia Club House

  V.60B, pp. 94, v.20, pp.33-35

Convention Hall
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.178-179

Cramp, Mitchell & Shober Bankers
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.109-111

Crawford House; Ury

  v.6, p.130-131

Cudahy Packing Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.26, p.56

Devereux Memorial M. E. Church

  v.17, p.30

Ebenezer M. E. Church Sixty Years Old

  v.17, p.32-34

Eckstein's Paper Mill at Manayunk

  v.27, p.39

Edward Stern & Co.

  v.73, p.131

Edwin Forrest residence

  V.60B, pp. 77-79

Emmanuel German Reformed Church

  v.15, p.228

Engineer's Club of Philadelphia

  v.20, p.40-41

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

  v.73, p.168

Fairhill Methodist Episcopal Church


Falls of Schuylkill Hotel

  v.27, p.9

Fire at Baldwin's

  v.29, p.90-91

Fire at Cramps' Shipyard

  v.29, p.92

Fire in Obdyke Pipe Factory

  v.29, p.95

Fire Ruins in Wetherill and Brothers' White Lead Works

  v.29, p.96

First Bank of the United States; Second Bank of the United States

  v.3, p.244, 247

First Christian Church 75 Years Old

  v.17, p.32

First Reformed Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.234

Five Escape Death

  v.29, p.105

Fortieth Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Quantity: newspaper clippings

  v.17, p.49

Fourth Reformed Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.235-236

Fox Chase

  v.6, p.137

Fox Chase

  v.6, p.121

Fox Chase

  v.6, p.125, 126, 128

Frankford Ave, 5800 Block
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 134

Frankford Ave., 4500 Block; Schlater's Bakery; Frankford Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Quantity: photographs, postcards, clippings

  V.30, pp. 111-16

Frankford Ave., 4600 Block; Frankford Dispatch; Frankford Free Library

  V.30, pp. 121, 123-126

Frankford Creek

  V.30, pp. 162, 165-8, 173

Frankford Meeting House

  V.30, pp. 181

Frankford Street Scenes

  V.30, pp. 57,59-62, 65, 66, 68-70, 78, 79

Frankford's old circus school

  V.30, pp. 170-2

Franklin Inn Club Has New Quarters

  v. 20, p.54-55

Free Library-Spring Garden

  v.73, pp.239-240

Free Quakers and the Empire

  v.17, p.205

Germantown Boys Club

  V.34, pp. 72

Gibson residence

  v.78, p.184

Green Tree Inn

  V.33, pp. 188-91

Ha'Penny Tavern

  v.6, p.57

Harrison building

  V.55, pp. 157-160

Hathaway & Brother
Quantity: 1 item

  v.29, p.102

Hensel-Colladay building

  v.73, p.125

Hoffman house

  V.30, pp. 156

Home of Miss Wonderly

  V.60B, pp. 36

How Arch Street got its name

  v.1, p. 104

Ideal homes at Broad St. and Torresdale Boulevard

  V.60B, pp. 133

Inn and Post House
Quantity: 1 item

  v. 1, p. 109

Jackson School

  v.72, pp.133-134

Jacob Reed's Sons

  v.14, p.43-44

James R. Ludlow School

  v.72, p.153-155

Jefferson College Hospital


Jefferson Medical College

  V.48, pp. 1-8

Kinkerter and Sheppard Hardware Store

  V. 30, pp. 127

Lafayette Building

  v.28, p.42-43

Lamb Tavern and Road Which Led to it.

  v.23 a, p.126

Larzalere House

  V.30, pp. 133

Latter Day Saints' Church

  v.51, p.68-69

Leake House

  V.30, pp. 85-87

Leech family tombs and property

  v.6, p.60-63

Lewis's Cabin

  V.47, pp. 106

Liederkranz Society's Proposed New Home

  v.26, p.129

Market Square Presbyterian Church


Methodist Episcopal Church of the Advocate

  v.17, p.7-8, 13

Michener, Israel, Residence; Order of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored People
Quantity: 1 item

  V.60B, pp.38

Mifflin Mansion

  v.27, p.11-12

Mikveh Israel cemetary

  v.78, p.186

Milestones Along Ridge Road

  v.23 a, p.183

Mills Ousted From Fairmount Park

  v.27, p.6

Model school building

  v.72, pp.174-175

Modern factory building

  v.73, p.144

Moses Brown House

  V.34, pp. 201

Moss Rose Cottage

  V.30, pp. 214

Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Chapel

  v.8, p.160

Most Precious Blood Parish School

  v.79, pp.191-193

Mrs. Comegy's house, Chestnut Hill

  V.36, pp. 166

Mrs. Conover's home

  V.30, pp. 155

Mutchmore Church Organ Damaged by Fire

  v.71, p.136

New home of the Pelham Trust Co.

  V.36, pp. 3

New office building

  V.33, pp.72

New Tenth National Bank Building

  V.60B, pp. 102

New Union National Bank Building

  v.1, p.127

North Baptist Church

  v.15, p.39

Object to Church Merger

  v.71, p.226

Oil Fire at Point Breeze

  v.29, p.97-98

Old Hotel Central Sold

  v.1, p.128

Old Livezey House, Fox Chase

  v.6, p.127

Old Pottery at 4333 Frankford Ave.

  V.30, pp. 80-81

Old Stoer Mansion A Clubhouse

  v.26, p.102

Orthodox Russians to Build Church on Fifth Street

  v.51, p.61, 62a

Our Lady Help of Christians

  v.8, p.170-171

Overington house

  V.30, pp. 175

Oxford Church

  v.6, p.59

Park Avenue M. E. Church

  v.17, p.82-83

Park Congregational Church

  v.51, p.35-36

Park Hotel

  V.30, pp. 67


  V.36, pp. 1

Penn Club

  v.78, pp.87-89

Pennsylvania Hall

  v.28, p.121-123

Pennypack Drive, Bustleton

  v.6, p.74

Philadelphia Electric Company

  v.25, p.139

Piper homestead at Chestnut Hill

  V.36, pp. 127


  v.78, p.101

Portable Schoolhouse at Torresdale

  v.6, p.47

Prune St. Theatre

  v.78, pp.76-77

R. Cherry's Sons Shoe store

  V.33, pp.42-44

Race St., 100 blk

  v.73, p.57

Racquet Club

  v.20, p.139-142

Reading Railroad station at Stenton

  V.32, pp.9

Reformed Church of America

  v.73, pp.74-75

Residence of James Bromley

  V.30, pp. 174

Residence of S. W. Evans

  V.30, pp. 178-9

Revival of Interest in State Canals

  v.27, p.33, 36-37, 105

Revolutionary House

  v.27, p.84

Roxborough's Crusade

  v.27, p.82

Roxborough's Potter's Field

  v.27, p.78

Sale of the Old Bulletin Building

  v.12, p.48-49

Sansom St., west of 2nd St.

  v.78, p.1

Sansom Street Hall

  v.78, pp.5-10

School buildings
Quantity: 4 newspaper clippings

  v.72, pp.271-275

School playgrounds

  v.72, pp.237, 240

Singley House on the Delaware

  v.6, p.55

Smith, Kline and French Company

  v.28, p.55-56

Spring Garden markets

  v.73, p.196

St. Ambrose's Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.12

St. Anthony's Parish School

  v.79, pp.163-164

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children

  V.49, pp. 125-32

St. Francis De Sales' Catholic Church

  v.8, p.67-71

St. James Church

  v.16, p.159-164

St. Joachim's Church, Frankford

  v.8, p.106

St. John Cantius R. C. Church, Bridesburg

  v.8, p.110-112

St. John's Anniversary

  v.8, p.129-130

St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum

  v.28, p.85-86

St. Luke's Homeopathic Hospital

  V.48, pp. 26, 140-1

St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church

  v.51, p.77-82

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Frankford

  v.51, p.90-92, 96-100

St. Paul's Memorial Church

  v.16, p.4, 48

St. Simeon's Church

  v,51, p.154-155, 157

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Roxborough

  v.27, p.81

Store Where Martha Korias was Murdered

  v.25, p.196

Tacony creek

  V.30, pp. 211

Temple Baptist Church

  v.15, p.77

Temple Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.171

The Colonial apartment hotel

  v.78, p.195

The Lighthouse Building for Charity

  v.26, p.155

The North American

  v.4, p.2

The Secret Held by Fairy Rock

  v.23 a, p.199

Third Street Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.29, p.93-94

Thomas Buchanan Read School

  v.72, pp. 204-206

Tioga M. E. Church

  v.17, p.104

Toby Leech House Crumbling Away

  v.6, p.64-66

Training school for kindergarteners

  v.79, pp.94-95

Trinity Church, Oxford (Philadelphia, Pa.)

  v.16, .4

Tunnel Beneath River to Camden

  v.7, p.7

Union Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.209-210

United States Hotel

  v.11, p.125-126

Vine St., 1800-1900 blks.

  v.73, p.132-135

Volunteer Fire Companies

  v.29, p.33

Washington crossing

  V.30, pp. 247-8

Watson & Huckle, Architects

  v.16, p.81

Wharton House to be Razed

  v.28, p.96

When Baxter Ran With the Liberty

  v.29, p.23, 132

When Lowell Lived Here

  v.1, p.131

Widener Memorial Industrial home for Crippled Children

  V.60B, pp. 132

Wireless telegraph station

  v.78, p.205

Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania

  v.26, p.88-89

Zion German Presbyterian Church


"Portico Row"
Quantity: 2 items

  v.78, p.187, 195

[z] "I Am Tagged"

  v.72, p.26

[z] A Hymn for the Pope

  v.9, p.21

[z] Archbishop Ryan and the Catholic Jubilee

  v.9, p.16-20, 32-37

[z] Bridges

  v.7, p.3

[z] Bridging the Delaware

  v.7, p.4-5

[z] Bustleton Correspondent and the Place where he was Attacked

  v.6, p.75

[z] Catholic Church on Wheels

  v.8, p.33

[z] Catholics in Early Philadelphia

  v.9, p.2

[z] Centennial of Philadelphia's Catholic Diocese

  v.9, p.13-15

[z] Church Union Formed


[z] Costello, Cooey & Co.

  v.6, p.29

[z] Covenant and Olivet Presbyterian Congregations Unite

  v.71, p.224

[zz] Catholic Diocese of Philadelphia is a Century Old

  v.9, p.22-25

[zz] Centennial of Philadelphia's Catholic Diocese

  v.9, p.3-12

[zz] Childs Mansion

  v.14, p.165

[zz] Clearing House is Fifty Years Old

  v.3, p.52

[zz] Commercial Trust Company

  v.3, p.54-56

ACACIA Fraternity House
Quantity: 1 item; 2 items

  v.20, p.2; vol. 80, pp. 135-136

Alcott's, A. Bronson, School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.79, p.67

Arch Street, 100 block
Quantity: 1 item

  v.1, p. 106

Bailey Rope Factory and Office

  v.31, p.14

Bayard Taylor School; George Sharswood School; Willard School

  v.72, pp.41, 88, 233-234

Bement, Miles & Co.
Quantity: 5 items

  v.73, p.139, 164-167

Beth Israel
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.1-3

Breyer Ice Cream Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.112

Bridesburg School
Quantity: 5 items

  v.72, pp.52-54

Byberry Meeting House
Quantity: 2 items

  v.17, p.180-181

C.J. Matthews and Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.1, p.135

Callowhill Street Bridge; Schuylkill River Bridges
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.20

Cedron House
Quantity: 1 item

  V.34, pp.199

Charity Hospital
Quantity: 1 item

  V.49, pp.106

Chas. Y. Scully Grocery Store
Quantity: 1 item

  V.34, pp. 87

Chestnut Hill Hospital; Albert Lucas Memorial Cottage

  V.49, pp. 107

Chestnut Street, Nos. 1201-09

  v.14, p.108

Children's Hospital
Quantity: 1 item

  V.49, pp. 108-14

Christian League Chinese Mission
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.63

College of Physicians
Quantity: 1 item

  V.49, pp.123

Commodore John Barry School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.72, pp.26, 39

Dime Savings
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.219

Earliest city churches

  v.74, pp.29-36

Early Methodist and German Reformed churches in Philadelphia


Eleventh Baptist Church

  v.15, p.13

Entrance to Holmesburg Prison and Deputy Superintendent's house

  V.47, pp.65

Evolution of the Fire Alarm

  v.29, p.38-39

Falls of Schuylkill Once a Reality

  v.27, p.2-2g, 14

Filbert & 10th Sts.

  v.73, pp.10-12

Fine old-time country seats swept away by modern growth

  v.74, pp.1-2

Fire Wrecked Dwellings

  v.29, p.103

Firebug's Latest Work

  v.29, p.64

Firehouse property

  v.78, pp.3-4

First Baptist Church; Old Pennypack Baptist Church, Old Scot's Church; Associate Presbyterian Church; Rev.William Marshall House; First Baptist Church Meeting House

  v.74, pp.45-49

First Baseball Clubhouse in Philadelphia

  v.20, p.117

First Italian Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.107, 229-230

First Presbyterian Church, Chestnut Hill

  v.71, p.105

First Steam Fire Engine in This City

  v.29, p.27-28

Fletcher Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.48

Frankford Ave., 4300 Block

  V.30, pp. 82-84

Franklin School

  v.72, p.26

Friend's Asylum for the Insane

  V.49, pp. 147-52

Friends' Meeting House, Orange Street, Phila. Pa.

  v.17, p.189, 192, 210

Garretson Hospital

  V.49, pp. 157

George L. Horn School

  v.72, p.131

George W. Sharswood School

  v.72, pp.216-219

German Presbyterians

  v.71, p.224

Germantown and Manayunk United

  v.7, p.6, 169-176

Girard College

  v.79, pp.82-89

Girard Trust Company

  v.14, p.60-65, 103, 197, 210

Gordon Brothers

  V.30, pp.187

Haunted House is Occupied at Last

  v.2, p.112

Home for Consumptives

  V.49, pp. 217-8

Home of the Merciful Savior

  V.49, pp. 193

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

  v.80, pp.17-18,34,46,152,154,158

Hotel Clerks' Club

  v.20, p.81

House of Refuge

  v.26, p.3-5


  v.26, p.178-180, 185-187

Hymns for Catholic Jubilee

  v.9, p.50

Jewish Hospital

  V.48, pp. 9-17, 20

Jonathan Prichard Memorial Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.152, 163

Knights of Columbus

  v.20, p.94

Lippincott residence

  v.78, p.53

Lukens Lumber Yard

  v.29, p.65

Lutheran Church of the Messiah

  v.15, p.139

Lutheran Theological Seminary

  V.36, pp. 54-6

Mark Bros. Clothiers

  V.33, pp.49

Market St. and 15th St.

  V.55, pp. 141-2, 161

Market St., 100 Block; Trolley Loop; Janney, B. S., Jr., & Co.

  V.54, pp. 24-28

Mendenhall's Ferry on the Schuylkill River

  v.7, p.99-100

Most Blessed Sacrament

  v.8, p.45

Most Blessed Sacrament

  v.8, p.162

Moylan residence

  v.78, p.169

N. and G. Taylor Company

  v.29, p.12

Nathaniel Hawthorne School

  v.72, pp.122-123

New Helps For This City's Firemen

  v.29, p.11

New House of Detention and Juvenile Court

  v.2, p.114 - 118

New House of Juvenile Protective Association

  v.2, p.113

New Temple of Colored Odd Fellows

  v.20, p.116

Northwestern General Hospital

  V.48, pp. 56

Old Broad St. Landmark to go

  V.60B, pp. 107

Old Butler Place

  v.23 a, p.196-198, 207

Old Christ Church

  v.71, p.223

Old St. Joseph's, Willing's Alley, Birthplace of Religious Liberty

  v.9, p.46-47

Pastorius House, Germantown

  V.33, pp.179-84

Pentecostal Mission

  v.51, p.66

Philadelphia Family Names in First Census

  v.5, p.349-350

Philadelphia Founding; Leni Lenapi Fort; Swedes Church; Sven Sener House; Fort Casimer
Quantity: 1 item

  v.74, pp.3-8

Philadelphia Home for Incurables

  V.48, pp. 99

Philadelphia Lying-In Charity

  V.48, pp. 100

also Plain Pleasant House; Anthony Benezet House / Philadelphia Sites; Clarke's Hall; Friends' Almshouse; State House Inn; Cap. Anthony's House; S.H. & H. Levin & Co. Salt & Fish Store;, Fair Hill Mansion; Court House
Quantity: 1 item

  v.74, pp.22-28

Philadelphia's Leading Ribbon and Millinery House

  v.2, p.27-28

Phipps Institute

  V.48, pp. 101

Place of meeting of the Grand Lodge of PA

  v.1, p.151

Point Breeze schools

  v.72, p.200

Presbyterians established church here ...

  v.74, pp.37-40

Preston Retreat

  V.48, pp. 120-4

Proposed New Home of the Athletic Baseball Club

  v.20, p.12-15

Race St. history


Ralston Annex

  v.72, p.249

Real Estate

  v.23 a, p.184

Rectors of Philadelphia Catholic Churches

  v.9, p.26-31

Reformed Church Office and Administration Building

  v.15, p.238-239

Reminiscence of former pupil

  v.79, pp.132-133

Robert S. Newhall's residence, Germantown

  V.36, pp. 150

Rodef Shalom Synagogue School

  v.79, p.237

Ruins of Fire Which Swept Over Lumber Yard

  v.29, p.60

Rush Hospital

  V.48, pp. 125, 180

Samaritan Hospital

  V.48, pp. 147-152

Scene at Today's Arch Street Fire

  v.29, p.88

Simon Muhr

  v.72, p.182

Singerly mansion to go

  V.60B, pp. 86

Smaltz-Goodwin & Co.

  v.73, p.68

South Philadelphia Club
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.148

Sower Mansion
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.111

Spring Garden

  v.73, p.183

Spruce St., nos. 336-338

  v.78, p.163

St. Agnes Hospital

  V.48, pp.126

St. Christopher's Hospital

  V.48, pp. 127-9

St. Elisabeth's Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.76-78

St. George's Protestant Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.96

St. John's Orphan Asylum

  v.78, p.58

St. John's Orphan Asylum

  v.8, p.127-128

St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.185-188

St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi

  v.8, p.152-153

St. Rita's Catholic Church for Italians

  v.8, p.217

Stetson Hospital

  V.48, pp. 156

Stevens School, Germantown

  v.79, pp.117-120, 243-244

Stewarts B.C.U.T.

  ,23, p.74

Subway Gas Explosion

  v.29, p.57

Surpass Leather Company

  v.25, p.113-114

T Square Club

  v.20, p.157

Tabernacle M. E. Church

  v.17, p.97-98

The Baldwin Mansion

  v.13, p.108-118, v.14, p.200

The Barn

  V.35, pp. 3-4

The Carmelite Convent at 44th and Spruce Sts.

  v.8, p.49

The Club House

  v.20, p.45, 50

The Eagles' temple

  v.73, pp.208-209

Tract presented to the city by Joseph Wharton

  V.60B, pp.

Treaty Tree descendants

  v.74, p.28

Tribute to Dead Preacher

  v.71, p.223

Twelfth Street Bridge

  v.7, p.165-166

University of Pennsylvania

  v.80, pp.17,25,29-31,43-44,70,84,155,161

Upper Dublin Meeting House

  v.17, p.197

Waln Grove

  V.30, pp. 46-47

Webster School

  v.72, p.254

West York Street Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.110-113

Widener Memorial School

  V.48, pp. 163-4

Women's Hospital of Philadelphia

  V.48, pp. 168-71

Women's Southern Homeopathic Hospital

  V.48, pp. 173

Wood homes

  V.60B, pp. 74


  v.20, p.196-200a

[Torresdale Ave. and Longshore St., Tacony]

  v.6, p.38

[z] Atherton Blight Dies of Heart Disease

  v.14, p.140

[z] Board of Trade Members Hear Fine Lecture

  v.27, p.94-96

[z] City's emergency heat tent

  V.49, pp. 137

[zz] 42nd Street Bridge

  v.7, p.59-60

[zz] Broad St. and Ridge Ave.

  V.60B, pp. 8

[zz] Cookman M. E. Church

  v.17, p.125

Allen Homestead
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 20

Arch Street
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.112

Barbadoes Warehouse; Corn Exchange National Bank; C & N Jones Stocking Store

  v.11, p.7, 169

Bauers' Cooperage
Quantity: 1 item

  v.29, p.55

Berks Street Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.12

Bonaparte House

  v.25, p.53-57

Chalkley Hall; Wetherill Homestead

  V.30, pp. 34-44

Chestnut and 22nd Sts.
Quantity: 2 items

  v.14, p.177

Chestnut Hill Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.90

Cookman M. E. Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.17, p.27-28

Cornelius Estate

  V.30, pp. 235

Dropsie College sells Broad St. lot

  V.60B, pp. 116

Duval Street Bridge

  v.7, p.41

Falls of Schuylkill Baptist Church

  v.15, p.90, 93

Feltonville School, 42nd Section

  v.72, pp.91-92

Fire on Deering Farm Recalls Fiendish Murder

  v.29, p.67-68

Fire Station

  v.28, p.84

Fire Station No. 55

  v.29, p.113-114

First African Baptist Congregation to Begin Celebration

  v.17, p.127

First Methodist Church


Frankford Country Club
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.47

Frankford history

  V. 30, pp. 2-16, 18

Frankford municipal buildings

  V. 30, pp. 17

Frankford Post Office

  V. 30, pp. 21, 102-105

Frankford Storage House

  V.30, pp. 72

Frankford's Pageant Week

  V.30, pp.238-242

Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital

  V.49, pp. 136

Free Library, Manayunk

  v.27, p.49, 50-51

Germantown "Infant School"

  v.79, pp.92-93

Germantown Academy

  v.79, pp.76-81

Germantown Ave., 5506

  V.33, pp. 15, 18

Germantown Avenue

  v.23, p.40-56, 85-87

Germantown Friends' School

  V.36, pp. 160

Girard Avenue Bridge

  v.7, p.63-71

Girard College
Quantity: 1 item

  v.3, p.48-50

Government's Detention House

  v.31, p.13

H. A. Laughlin's Mansion

  V.36, pp. 161

Hebron Memorial Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.126

Historic Mansion to Go

  v.26, p.137-38

Huber Mansion

  V.32, pp. 54

Jas. J. Pletcher & Co.

  V.33, pp. 37

King of Prussia Inn

  V.33, pp. 23-28

Limekiln Pike school

  v.72, p.145

Longstreth School

  v.72, p.152


  v.27, p.21-27

Mariners' Church

  v.15, p.235, 241-242, 244

Masonic Hall, Frankford

  V.30, pp. 21, 64, 224

Mikveh Israel's New Home

  v.51, p.15-17, 21

Milne Mansion

  V.32, pp. 52-3

Mr. Burk's fine mansion

  V.60B, pp. 87-89

Mt. Airy School

  v.79, pp.101-103

Municipal bathhouses

  V.58, pp. 152-5

New Westminster Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.217-218

Newspapers of Frankford

  V.30, pp. 22

Ninth Street Views

  v.25, p.97-98, 100

Norris Street Bridge

  v.7, p.103

Northwest School

  v.72, pp.190-191

Norwood Hall

  V.36, pp.164-5

Old Germantown Almshouse

  V.33, pp. 126-7

Old Wine House to go

  V.60B, pp. 116

Old Worrall House

  V.30, pp. 21

Our Lady of Lourdes [Parish] School, Overbrook

  v.79, pp.182-183

P.R.T. Co. tents used to house strike breakers

  V.30, pp. 234

Peoples' Trust Company's Proposed New Building...

  v.2, p.56

Perot's Malt House

  v.73, pp.120-121

Philadelphia Hospital for Consumptive Diseases

  V.48, pp.83-96

Philadelphia Trust Safe Deposit and Insurance Co.

  v.3, p.205-207

Philadelphia's Oldest Irish Society

  v.20, p.56-62

Police Station, 21st District

  V.58, pp. 138-9

Police Station, 23 District

  V.58, pp. 140-2

Police Station, 35th District (Olney)
Quantity: 1 item

  V.58, pp. 143

Police Station, 36th District

  V.58, pp. 144-5

Quaker City Cab Co.

  v.73, p.130

Salvation Army Citadel

  v.20, p.145

Salvationists Lay Fort Cornerstone

  v.51, p.60

Scene of $150,000 Conflagration

  v.29, p.62-63

Schrack & Sherwood Coffin Factory
Quantity: 1 item

  v.29, p.59

Schuylkill River at Lowest Stage ...

  v.7, p.87

Scots Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.164, 240-242

Second National Bank

  V.30, pp.18

Shibe Park

  v.20, p.146

Sixteenth & Lombard Sts. school, 7th Ward

  v.72, p.110

Southern Club's New Home

  v.20, p.147

Spanish Catholics

  v.9, p.48

Spruce Street Baptist Church

  v.15, p.63-71

St. Adalbert's Church

  v.8, p.20-22

St. James' M. E. Church, Olney

  v.17, p.62, 64-68

St. James the Less

  v.16, p.179-183

St. Jude and the Evangelist Parish House

  v.16, p.193

St. Michael's Protestant Episcopal Church

  v.51, p.115-116

St. Nathaniel's P. E. Church

  v.51, p.117-118

The Man on the Corner


The Whitehall

  V.33, pp.78

Third Baptist Church of Germantown

  v.15, p.81-83

Thomas May Peirce School

  v.72, pp.197-199

Trenton Avenue Elevated Bridge

  v.7, p.150-163

Trinity United Evangelical Church

  v.15, p.250-251

Unitarian Church Clark Memorial
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.42

University of Pennsylvania

  v.13, p.19-20, 25

Uptown Playhouse

  v.26, p.123

Vine & 3rd Sts.

  v.73, p.117

W.F. Potts, Son & Co.

  v.73, p.41

Washington Lane redevelopment

  V.35, pp. 33, 50

Where Wind Wrought Havoc

  v.29, p.69

William Brantley Hanna School

  v.72, pp.117, 200

Wyoming Baptist Church

  v.15, p.89

[z] 50th Anniversary Observed


[z] All Saints' Chimes

  v.8, p.26

[z] Armat St.

  V.33, pp.47

[z] Bicentennial of a Vanished Church

  v.15, p.223-224

[z] Bridesburg's Coming Street Carnival

  v.6, p.10

[z] Caln Quarterly Meeting

  v.17, p.192

[z] Church of the French

  v.9, p.48

[z] Church War Ends

  v.15, p.240

[z] City's Fire Fighters

  v.29, p.7-10

[z] Henry Ave.

  v.27, p.1

Adelphia School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.79, pp.65-66

Baltimore and Ohio Tasker Street Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.146

Baptist Church in Oak Lane
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.40-41

B'nai Abraham Synagogue
Quantity: 2 items

  v.51, p.6-7

Board of Education Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v. 73, p.3

Bridge Over Twenty-first and Tioga Streets

  v.7, p.147-149

Byberry Tuberculosis Camp
Quantity: 1 item

  V.48, pp. 66, 98

Chapman House

  V.47, pp. 49-50

Cherry Street African Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.90, 92

Chester A. Asher's Confectionery
Quantity: 1 item

  V.33, pp. 50

Chestnut Hill Houses; Poinsett Memorial; Wayside Shrine

  V.36, pp.128, 151-59, 167-71, 181, 188

Clark Estate
Quantity: 1 item

  V.34, pp. 198

Concord School, Germantown
Quantity: 1 item

  v.79, p.70

Coulter Street Friends' Meeting House

  v.17, p.186-188

Dr. Burd Peale's house

  V.47, pp. 56

Emmanuel Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.124

Fifth Street Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.124, 131

Fire Damages Row of Homes

  v.29, p.61

Fire House for No. 7 Co .

  V.30, pp. 71

First Church of Christ, Scientist

  v.51, p.56

First Lettish Baptist Church


Foss Hughes Motor Car Co.

  V.55, pp. 191

Frankford High School

  v.72, pp.101-105; v.79, p.51

G.P.Darrow & Co.

  V.33, pp.51

Germantown Boys' Club

  v.20, p.64-68

Germantown Girls' High School

  v.79, p.52

Germantown Post Office

  V.33, pp. 65-67

Great Valley Presbyterian Church; Pencader Presbyterian Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.71, p.8

Havoc done by dynamite to Frankford homes

  V.30, pp. 169

Home for Incurables

  V.49, pp. 219-20

House Which Collapsed Following Explosion

  v.29, p.70

Lehigh Ave. branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 109-111

Lynfield, home of the Lardner family

  V.47, pp. 63-64

Manayunk branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp.112-3

Manayunk Views

  v.27, p.53-56, 66a-66b

Mount Airy Post Office

  V.36, pp. 27

New Century Club

  v.25, p.203-208

New Quarters for Real Estate Brokers

  v.3, p.222

Ninth district police station

  V.58, pp. 136-7

Norris Square United Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.225

Octavious V. Cato School

  v.72, p.63

Old Quarry turned into a playground.

  V.32, pp. 124

Pastor Preaches on 91st Birthday

  v.71, p.231

Pastor's Death to Bring Church Union

  v.71, p.231

Pennypack Creek Bridge
Quantity: 2 items

  V.47, pp. 105

Pennypack Hall

  V.47, pp. 113-4

Philadelphia Business College and College of Commerce

  v.13, p.102-104

Police in New Quarters

  v.29, p.115

Reading Railroad Belfield Avenue Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.11

Rent for Year - One Rose

  v.15, p.240

Residence of Mrs. David Fleming

  V. 36, p. 186

Richmond branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 120-2

Ridge Avenue

  v.23 a, p.169


  v.27, p.96-100

Ruins of Million Dollar Fire

  v.29, p.56

Ruthenian Orphanage

  v.79, pp.205, 207

Shunk School

  v.72, p.222

Smyser & Scott Druggists

  V.33, pp.52, 56

Sower house

  V.32, pp. 196

Spring Garden branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp.123-4

St. Donato's Church

  v.8, p.58-59

St. John's Church and Pastor

  v.17, p.63, 69

St. Luke's Anniversary

  v.15, p.90

St. Patrick's

  v.8, p.188-197

Strawberry Mansion Bridge

  v.7, p.137, 164

Susquehanna Avenue

  v.26, p.147

Tacony branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 125-6

Taggart School

  v.72, p.231

The Carmelite Convent of Philadelphia

  v.8, p.25

Thomas Holme branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 108

Thomas Holme's grave

  V.47, pp. 110-111, 149

Tunnels Near Old Church

  v.16, p.52

U.S. Grant School

  v.72, p.109

Verree Mill

  V.47, pp. 84-85

Volunteer Fire Department

  v.29, p.10

Volunteer Fire house as now altered into a dwelling

  V.47, pp. 60

West Philadelphia branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 129-30

West Philadelphia High School for Boys

  v.72, pp.250, 257-258; v.79, pp.53-54


  v.23 a, p.271-275

Whosoever Mission

  V.33, pp. 79-82

Wingohocking Valley

  V.32, pp.32

Wissahickon branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 132-33

Wister house, Germantown

  V.34, pp.59-63

Young Women's Christian Association
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.163

[Plastic Club]

  v.20, p.134

[z] Back to His Old Church

  v.71, p.225

[z] Cedar Park Improvement Association

  V.35, pp. 34

[z] Churches Vote to Merge

  v.71, p.225

[z] Concord Friends Meeting

  v.17, p.171

Alexander K. McClure School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.168

Arch St., 1400 Block
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.94

Archbishop Wood Birthplace
Quantity: 1 item

  v.11, p.4

Autocar Co. Service Building
Quantity: 1 item

  V.55, pp. 194

Bascule Bridge at Passyunk Avenue
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.106-113

Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Synagogue
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.17

Chestnut Street, 1400 Block; Jewell Estate

  v.14, p.112-113

Church of the Messiah
Quantity: 2 items

  v.51, p.184, v.17, p.125

Disaster at Ederer's Thread Factory

  v.29, p.130

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Holmesburg


Feeble-minded Children's Home

  V.49, pp.146

Fire Association of Philadelphia

  v.3, p.79-80

Fire Engine

  v.29, p.124

Free Library of Philadelphia

  v.13, p.166-167

Front Street Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.124

General George A. McCall School

  v.72, p.165

Germantown Ave., 5531-5533; The Pines

  V.33, pp. 19-20, 38-40

Germantown Cricket Club

  v.20, p.69-73, 214

Germantown Theatre

  V.33, pp. 22

Gorgas-Pierie Manufacturing Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.29, p.116

Grace P. E. Church

  v.16, p.139-140

Green Tree Tavern

  v.17, p.45-46

H. Josephine Widener branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 131

Holy Cross [Parish] School, Mt. Airy

  v.79, p.174

Holy Family Parish School, Manayunk

  v.79, pp.175-176

Hospital for babies near Fairmount Park

  V.49, pp.122

Independent Gazette Building

  V.33, pp.118-19

Lucretia Mott's Old Home Sold

  v.23 a, p.207

Markham Club

  v.20, p.105

Married Sixty Years

  v.27, p.86

Men and Things

  v.29, p.117-123

Moving Pictures in Former Churches

  v.15, p.189-190

New plans for smaller Convention Hall

  V.58, pp. 149-151, 167-72

New Summit Church to be dedicated

  V.36, pp. 4

Northeast School

  v.72, p.189

Old St. Mark's, Mantua

  v.51, p.93

Passyunk Avenue Baptist Church

  v.15, p.92

Philadelphia Shibe Park

  v.26, p.172

Philadelphia Stock Exchange

  v.3, p.232-234

Philadelphia's library system

  V.58, pp. 92-3

Prelates' Death Halts Law-making

  v.9, p.38-44

Public School Field Day

  v.72, p.276

Sale of property at 1713-15-17 Sansom St.

  v.78, p.31

Southwark School

  v.72, pp.226-227

Spruce St. residence

  v.78, p.199

St. Edward's [Parish] School

  v.79, p.169

St. Thomas' Protestant Episcopal Church


Summit Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.184-185

Supplee Dairy

  V.35, pp. 35

Talmud Torah, Central Hebrew Free School


Taylor mansion

  V.35, pp. 9-10

The Man on the Corner

  v.15, p.156-157

Thomas Durham School

  v.72, p.86

Thomas Run Main Sewer

  v.7, p.190-192

Union National Bank

  v.3, p.242

Unveiling a Tablet in Memory of Betsy Ross

  v.20, p.39

Vagrant Detective is Through

  v.29, p.26

Victor Paul Real Estate

  V.35, pp. 165

White Company's branch

  V.60B, pp. 24

[z] Central Manual Training School

  v.72, p.30

[zz] Bridges for the Fortieth Ward

  v.7, p.58

American Tin & Terne Plate Co.; Martin and William H. Nixon
Quantity: 1 item

  v.73, p.135

Bridesburg M. E. Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.17, p.17

Buck Hotel
Quantity: 1 item

  V.35, pp. 159

Chestnut Street Views, 1200 Block; Boothby's Restaurant

  v.13, p.173-174, 177-178

Church of the Nativity
Quantity: 2 items

  v.8, p.162-163

Clark Homestead
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 237

Disston, Hamilton, Residence

  V.60B, pp. 90-91

Epiphany Baptist Church

  v.15, p.14, 92

Eugene J. Loeble's Store

  V.33, pp. 187

Fairmount Trust Company

  v.3, p.68

Falls M. E. Church

  v.17, p.36-37

Federal Trust Company

  v.3, p.74

Fifth Street M. E. Church

  v.17, p.38

First Presbyterian Church, Northern Liberties

  v.71, p.113-118

Frankford Hospital

  V.49, pp. 153-6

Gordon School for Girls

  v.79, p.138-142

Hallahan's Good Shoes

  V.33, pp.41

Harrison residence

  v.78, pp. 49, 54

Home for Bishop Berry

  v.17, p.126

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

  V.49, pp. 96-7

Insurance Company Has Long Career

  v.3, p.184

Jefferson House Will Be Torn Down

  v.28, p.144-146

Kensington Trust Company

  v.3, p.135

Kirk and Nice Undertakers

  V.35, pp. 24-32

Lutheran Seminary Buys Gowen Mansion

  v.15, p.163

Majestic Hotel

  V.60B, pp. 69-70

Memorial of Bishop McCabe in West Phila.

  v.17, p.14

Men and Things

  v.28, p.94-95

Mission Ten Years Old

  v.71, p.44

Moravian Church of Philadelphia

  v.15, p.209

Munford Memorial Baptist Church

  v.15, p.38

Mutual Assurance Company

  v.3, p.151

New convention hall at Broad and Allegheny Ave. as it appears today

  V.60B, pp. 120-21

New Home of Northwestern Trust Company

  v.3, p.165-167

New motor-driven chemical fire apparatus for Philadelphia

  V.58, pp. 156

Newberger, Henderson & Loeb Brikderage Firm
Quantity: 1 item


Ninth Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.137-143, 226, 244

North Philadelphia Trust Company

  v.3, p.163-164

Old Church Marks Americanization of the Early Germans

  v.15, p.117-118

Old St. Joseph
Quantity: 1 item

  v.8, p.136-137

Pelham Court

  V.36, pp. 8

Philomusian Club Home Soon to Open

  v.20, p.133

Police Station, 40th District
Quantity: 1 item

  V.58, pp. 146

Ridge Avenue Bank

  v.3, p.227

Ridge Avenue Bank

  v.3, p.227


  v.27, p.85, 90

Ruins of Fire

  v.29, p.125-129

Salem Evangelical Church

  v.8, p.164

Sansom St. "Jewelry Section"

  v.78, p.15

Schuylkill Branch of the Y.W.C.A.

  v.23 a, p.181

Singers will have real Deutsche Haus

  V.60B, pp. 101

Site for Catholic Church

  v.9, p.45

Southern Dispensary

  V.49, pp. 135

St. James of Kingsessing

  v.16, p.166-176

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.134-138

St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Germantown

  v.15, p.150-155

St. Thomas' Protestant Episcopal Church

  v.51, p.93

Sunday Schools

  v.71, p.195

The Integrity Title and Trust Company

  v.3, p.133-134

The Manufacturers' National Bank

  v.3, p.147-148

The Tradesmens National Bank

  v.3, p.239-240

Third Baptist Church

  v.15, p.80

Thomas' Grocery

  V.33, pp. 120

Tilghman's Laboratory


To Widen Chestnut Street

  v.14, p.9

Tulpehocken Apartment House

  V.35, pp. 12, 19

Twelfth Street Meeting House

  v.17, p.191

Uptown Bank Grows Stronger with Years

  v.3, p.124-125

Ury House

  v.6, p.135-136

W. Bruce Barrow

  v.73, p.126

Wharton Street M. E. Church

  v.71, p.221

Wilson residence

  v.78, p.189

Wissahickon School Club

  v.20, p.189-193

Wister mansion

  v.73, pp.16-17

Wm. F. Fell Company

  v.78, p.28

Yearly Meeting of Friends at the Race Street Meeting House

  v.17, p.193-194

YMCA's new colored branch

  V.58, pp.161

[Church of All Saints Montessori School], Torresdale

  v.72, p.38

[z] Church for Deaf Mutes

  v.16, p.10-11

[z] Church of the Holy Nativity

  v.16, p.149

Aimwell School
Quantity: 8 items

  v.79, pp.56-59

American Assurance Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.3, p.2

Arch St. M.E. Church

  v.2, p.85; v. 17, pp. 9-11

Arch St.; Henderson's Bookstore; Apprentices' Library

  v.1. p.33-41

Arch Street
Quantity: 1 item

  v. 1, p. 22-27.

Arch Street; Arch Street Theater

  v.1, p.42-47

Arch Street; Arch Street Wharf
Quantity: 1 item


Arch Street; Wetherill's White Lead Works; Hiltzheimer House
Quantity: 1 item

  v. 1, p. 7-14

Arch Street; Zion Lutheran Church; Academy Building

  v. 1, p. 28-33

Arts and Crafts Guild
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.178-182

Auto Club Building Model Structure
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.17

Bannacker School; Bannecker School; Paschalville School

  v.72, pp.35-37

Beth Judah
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.4-5

Butler, E. H., Mansion

  V.33, pp. 163-5

Cathedral Parish School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.79, pp.166-167

Chambers Presbyterian Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.71, p.62

Chestnut Street, No 40 & 48

  v.11, p.8

Cohocksink Secondary School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.72, p.74

Commercial Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.3, p.53

Cyclorama Building; Colosseum
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.21

Did You have Money Here?

  v.3, p.89

Disston Memorial Church

  v.71, p.64

Doors on Locust St. residences

  v.78, p.132, 140

Elm Grove

  v.26, p.130-132

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.68-70

Epiphany Lutherans of Manayunk Banded 25 Years Ago

  v.15, p.114

Evan's Dental Institute

  v.80, p.152-153

Falls of Schuylkill Branch Library

  V.58, pp. 97

Fern Hill Park

  V.32, pp. 185-7

First German Baptist Church

  v.15, p.29-31

Fitzwater Street Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.47

Fox's Varieties of Long Ago Recalled

  v.13, p.92


  v.80, pp.152,154

Gardens at Compton in Chestnut Hill

  V. 36, p. 175-8

Germantown Dispensary and Hospital

  V.49, pp. 162-192

Germantown Town Hall

  V.33, pp. 132-34, 220

Grace Aguilar House

  v.51, p.27

Green Street Meeting House

  v.17, p.172, 177-179, 206

Hamilton Trust
Quantity: 1 item

  v.3, p.122 Co..

Haunted House


Horace Howard Furness Public School

  v.72, p.107

Keene Mansion; Mutual Life Insurance
Quantity: 1 item

  v.13, p.69-76, 187

Lee and Walker Music Publishers; Williams and Underwood; J. W. Proctor

  v.13, p.13-14

Manayunk to Lose One of its Historic Halls

  v.27, p.73

Masons Plan to Build Clubhouse

  v.20, p.79

Messchert Family

  v.13, p. 146-150

Methodist Office Building

  v.17, p.132, 135, 135

Model Church Houses to Grace the Parkway

  v.15, p.196-197

Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

  v.80, pp.47-48,75,119,150,152

Ninth and Sansom Streets

  v.25, p.67-71

Old Meeting House To Go

  v.17, p.173-175

Oxford Street

  v.26, p.110

Passyunk branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp.117-8

Pelham Trust Co.

  v.3, p.168

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company; Walnut Street Prison
Quantity: 1 item

  v.28, p.93

Philadelphia Fire Fighters

  v.29, p.143-148

Philamathean Society to Observe Centennial

  v.20, p.132

Police College
Quantity: 1 item

  V.58, pp. 148

Police Station, 38th District
Quantity: 1 item

  V.58, pp. 147

Proposed Tabernacle Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.170

Richardson Memorial Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.161-162

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.165-166

Scaffold Over Chestnut St.

  v.14, p.95, 101

Scott residence

  v.78, pp.55-57

Second Church of the United Brethren in Christ

  v.15, p.103

Shippen Burd Mansion; Howell and Brothers; J. F. & E. B. Orne; J. E. Caldwell & Co.;

  v.13, p.4-7, 193

Shot Tower playground

  V.36, pp. 107

Spring Garden-Bush Hill history

  v.73, pp.236-237

Spruce St., 1000 blk

  v.78, p.190

St. Margaret's Industrial School for Girls

  v.8, p.145

St. Mark's Reformed Church


Starr Savings Bank

  v.3, p.229-230

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.188-192

Tenth Baptist Church

  v.15, p.79

Tinicum Ave. school

  v.72, p.235

Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church, Southwark

  v.51, p.183-184

Veteran Fire-Fighters

  v.29, p.134-136

Weimer Building

  v.2, p.56-57

Why Philadelphia is not the City Beautiful

  v.12, p.149

Wylie Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.62

[William] F. Harrity School

  v.72, p.118

[z] At Ancient Shrine of Presbyterians

  v.71, p.9-10

[z] Benjamin Franklin Memorial

  v.80, pp.146-147

[zz] Abington Church Rounds Two Centuries


[zz] Walnut St. Prison site

  v.28, p.137

[zzz] Chestnut Street Views from 16 St.

  v.14, p.140-143, 149, 207

[zzz] Chestnut Street, 1200 Block

  v.13, p.138-139

Arch Street; Arch Street Presbyterian Church; Nonnator's Court

  v.1, p. 79-86

Arch Street; Boudinot Mansion; Marks Brothers Store.

  v.1, p. 64-70

Arch Street; Childs and Peterson Publishing House; Haskell's Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.1, p. 48-55

Arch Street; McAran's Garden; Paul Beck's Shot Tower; Asylum and Orphanage; Arch St. Prison.

  v.1, p. 94-100

Arch Street; Wood's Museum

  V.1, p. 71-78

Bishop Nicholson Memorial R. E. Church, Logan
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.119

Blockley Almshouse; Home for Indigents

  V.49, pp. 100-105

Chestnut Hill Water Tower
Quantity: 2 items

  V.36, pp. 173-173A

Church of the Redemption; St. Anna's Mission
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.143-148

Delaware River Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.40

Dobson's mill

  V. 36, p. 179-80

Double ceremony at Bridesburg Church


Ethical Culture Society
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.41-43

Fairmount reservoir

  v.73, p.250

Falstaff Hotel In Its Closing Years

  v.28, p.103-104, 230

First Presbyterian Church, Kensington


Germantown High School

  V.33, pp. 166-7

Good Lodging for Small Cost

  v.25, p.128-129

Grace United Evangelical Church


Hartung Building

  v.28, p.64

Historic Spots of City's Centre

  v.14, p.73

Hobo Winter Headquarters
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.82

Iona Institute Moves to Hansome New Home

  v.20, p.85

Jewish Maternity Hospital

  V.48, pp. 18-19

John Hay School

  v.72, p.124

Joseph Miles, Veteran

  v.27, p.96

Kravth Memorial Library
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.198

Larkin Building

  v.2, p.121

Manayunk Bridges
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.81

Market St.


May Day by the Scholars of Bryn Mawr

  v.79, p.137

Men and Things

  v.17, p.139-141

Metzger building

  v.73, p.42

Mount Airy Lutheran Seminary

  v.15, p.199-201

Mt. Vernon School

  v.72, pp.179-181

Negroes Plan Their Own Institutional Church

  v.17, p.141

Neighbors Save Eight Trapped by Flames

  v.29, p.158

New branch library at Broad and Porter Sts.

  V.58, pp.134

New YWCA building, Germantown

  V.33, pp.110

North Eastern Hospital

  V.48, pp. 57-8, 145

Oxford Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.153-155

Parcel post station

  V.55, pp. 192-3

Paschallville branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 128

Penn Charter School

  v.79, pp.104-106

Philadelphia Hose House in 1858

  v.29, p.137

Philadelphia's Working Men Were First to Organize

  v.20, p.86-93

Plan Improvements for North Manayunk

  v.27, p.72

Plan to Unite Two Uptown Churches

  v.71, p.232

Presbyterian Ministers' Fund

  v.71, p.112

Providence General Homeopathic Hospital new site

  V.48, pp. 19

Race St., near 15th

  v.73, p.76

Reproduction of four early buildings of the University of Pennsylvania

  v.80, pp.148-149

Rudolph S. Walton School

  v.72, p.245

Salvation Army Moves

  v.71, p.112, 238-239

Sansom Street Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.29, p.157

School for delicate children

  v. 72, p.9

Shippen Burd Mansion

  v.25, p.66

Silverman's Department Store

  v.28, p.82

Site for Board of Education Building

  v.72, pp.2-3

Site for school

  v.72, p.1

Social Work of St. James' Mission

  v.16, p.165

Southeast Corner of Seventh and Arch

  v.2, p.18

Southern High School for Girls

  v.72, pp.224-225

Spring Garden St. park

  v.73, pp.190, 206

St. Donato's [Parish] School

  v.79, p.168

St. Joachim's

  v.8, p.105

St. Simon's Church Ready for Dedication

  v.51, p.156

Stanley Theater

  V.55, pp. 186

Supervised dance hall has auspicious opening

  V.58, pp. 166

Swedish Lutheran Glebe House of 1696

  v.16, p.133-134

The Breitnall Building

  v.3, p.34

The Philadelphia Country Club

  v.20, p.124, 126

To Replace the Mint Arcade

  v.3, p.251

Toland House

  V.32, pp.69-71, 193-4

Traps and Club House of Independents at Holmesburg Junction

  v.20, p.83

View of City Hall from Chestnut

  v.14, p.99

Volunteer Fire Department

  v.29, p.163

Washington Market
Quantity: 1 item

  v.28, p.10

Where giant generators are to be housed.

  V.58, pp. 165-6

William Cramp Ship and Engine Building Co.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.29, p.160

Young Women's Union Day Nursery

  v.51, p.28-29

[z] Ballinger & Perrot Luncheon

  v.2, p.102

[zz] Billy Sunday Revival Plans Are Completed

  v.17, p.142-145

[zzz] Chestnut and Broad Streets

  v.14, p.57-58, 100, 102

Arch Street; St. George's Hall; Old Elephant Tavern

  v.1, p. 87-93

Byberry School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.72, p.60-61

Crompton Family Home
Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 174

Dedicate New Logan Church


Fatal Fire in Oilcloth Works

  v.29, p.156

Fire Fighting Apparatus

  v.29, p.152-155

Fire in Second Street

  v.29, p.161

Fires on Battleship From Oklahoma

  v.29, p.151

First Penny Savings Bank's New Home

  v.3, p.84

First Reformed Church Forced from Center City

  v.15, p.219-220, 229-230

Flames Near Old Prison

  v.29, p.150

Glenwood Avenue Bridge

  v.7, p.72

Gorman Mansion to be Women's Clubhouse

  v.20, p.74-77

Great Ford plant in city

  V.60B, pp. 115

Home-like Club for Working Girls

  v.20, p.21

Hood cemetery

  V.32, pp. 125-8

Jewish Consumptive Institute

  V.48, pp. 21

Locust St., 700 blk

  v.78, p.79

Lutherans Will Build Model Church Edifice

  v.15, p.115

Mariners' Church Anniversary

  v.71, p.112, 130

Memorial Synagogue Dedicated

  v.51, p.19-20

Men and Things

  v.71, p.246-249

Men and Things


Men and Things [Schuylkill Bank]

  v.3, p.228

Mennonites Mark Golden Jubilee

  v.15, p.212

Methodist Episcopal Home for the Aged

  v.17, p.137-138

Mission House Dedicated

  v.16, p.13

National Stomach Hospital

  V.48, pp. 49

Navy Offers Planes to Local Aero Club

  v.20, p.4-5

New hospital of the Sisters of Mercy

  V.48, pp. 42-45

New Riker-Hegeman Drug Store

  V.33, pp.57

New Theatre Building

  v.23, p.82

Olivet Reformed Church

  v.15, p.232

Our Lady of Pompei

  v.8, p.179

Paschallville Branch of the Free Library

  V.58, pp. 116

Philadelphia City Institute

  v.14, p.159

Philadelphia Skyline

  v.23, p.11

Poor Richards Get Bigger Home


River Overflows

  v.27, p.64, 103-104

Roger Williams Building

  v.15, p.4

Roof Garden Will Be Feature of New Edifice...

  v.16, p.158

Sara A. Hicks Memorial Church House

  v.17, p.86-87

See real estate boom in passing of "the Pen".

  V.58, pp. 177

Seven Stars Hotel

  V.30, pp. 136

Sewage disposal plant looks like city park

  V.58, pp. 162-3

Signers' Walk

  v.80, p.145

Snow from the Viewpoint of the Railroad Man

  v.7, p.136

Springfield M. E. Church

  v.17, p.88, 91

St. Josephat's [Parish] School, Manayunk

  v.79, p.181

St. Martha's House

  v.51, p.103-105

The Rebecca Gratz Club

  v.51, p.25-26

Where City Club Will Find New Home

  v.20, p.25-28

Where Cornwallis Bivouacked

  v.25, .168

White Swan hotel

  V.36, pp. 49-50

[Cobbs Creek Park Golf Club]

  v.20, p.29

[z] City Coal Bunker on Old Fort Site


[zz] Bridesburg Park

  v.6, p.141-142

Arch St. Panoramic View East from 18th St.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.104-105

Babies Hospital
Quantity: 1 item

  V.49, pp. 121

Benjamin Franklin School; Crescentville School
Quantity: 1` item

  v.72, p.106

Bishop Foss Methodist Episcopal Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.17, p.15

Chelten Ave. Homes; Dr. S. MacCuen Smith Residence; Edward F. Bennis Residence; and David McMahon Residence

  V.45, pp. 175-6

Death of Mrs. Mary Bawn

  v.6, p.104

Delaware River Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.194

East Park Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.67

Erecting New Building for Palatinate Church

  v.15, p.233

Fine Church for Polish Catholics

  v.8, p.138-141

Fire Fighters in Northeast

  v.29, p.138-141

Fisher's Hollow School, Germantown

  v.79, pp.60-62

Frankford's first school house

  V.30, pp. 130, 132

Germantown Ave. homes

  V.45, pp. 180-1

Gulf Refining Co. opens filling station

  V.60B, pp. 128

Heft Mansion

  V.32, pp. 161-2

High St. residences

  V.45, pp. 168-9

Home of Scheld's Jellies

  v.26, p.148

House of Industry

  v.28, p.216-217

Hungarian Church and Its Pastor

  v.8, p.221

J. E. Caldwell Store; Widener Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.13, p.5

Jardin de Danse Once Was Church

  v.71, p.63

John Kinsey School

  v.72, pp.141, 157

M. Rice Company

  v.73, p.205

Manayunk Home Damaged by Blast

  v.29, p.162

Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.76

Memorial to George C. Thomas

  v.51, p.102, 110-112

Men and Things

  v.3, p.202-204

Montague & Co.

  v.78, p.32

New Factory for A.T. Baker Co.

  v.27, p.74

New Home for Famous Colored Congragation

  v.15, p.84-85

Our Lady of Consolation

  v.8, p.165-166

Pennsylvania SPCA

  V.60B, pp. 56-59

Place Where Hallam Died

  v.28, p.11

Portable schools

  v.72, p.156

Present and Future Church of St. Simeon

  v.15, p.167

Proposed Temple for Norwegians
Quantity: newspaper clipping, leaflet

  v.15, p.179, 181

Provident Life and Trust Building

  v.11, p.77, 120-121, 200

Provost's House
Quantity: correspondence, 4 magazine clippings

  v.80, pp.162-166

Queen Lane Manor

  V.45, pp. 170-1

Rodney House

  V.35, pp. 70-71A

S. Weir Mitchell School

  v.72, p.173

Sacred Heart Academy

  v.79, p.208

Sandiford Chapel

  v.6, p.140

Sansom St. below American St.

  v.78, p.2

Satterlee General Hospital Memorial

  V.48, pp. 153

St. Ladislaus Polish Catholic Church

  v.8, p.139-141

St. Peter's Parochial School

  v.8, p.216

St. Peter's R.C. Church school

  v.79, p.206

St. Stephen's, Frankford

  v.51, p.165

Sunshine Home

  v.28, p.129

Tacony Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.74

Thackara's Garage

  V.34, pp. 125

Tulpehocken St. homes

  V.45, pp. 177-9

Wanamaker garage & distribution station

  v.78, p.151

Wayne Ave. homes

  V.45, pp. 174

West Walnut Lane homes

  V.45, pp. 165-7

Where is Nicetown

  V.32, pp. 2

William C. Jacobs School

  v.72, p.158

[zz] Brownstone on Spruce St.

  v.78, p.216

Charles Eneu Johnson and Company Factory

  v.25, p.173

E. O. Michener Residence; Jacob C. Bockius Residence; C. F. Moorhead Residence; D. D. Smith Residence

  V.45, pp. 208-9

Fire Insurance Patrol No. 4 headquarters

  V.33, pp. 211

Fourth United Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.111

Free Library of Philadelphia

  V.58, pp. 135

Greene St. homes

  V.45, pp. 184-6

Henry W. Gray Residence; Mrs. Robert A. Balfour Residence (Alloa); Joseph Thurman Residence; James I. McMahon Residence; Jacob A. Datz Residence

  V.45, pp. 205-7

Hunting Park library

  V.32, pp.3

James Pollock Residence; G. K. Mohr Residence; Mrs. Edgar L. Sheppard Residence

  V.45, pp. 214-15

Johnson St. homes

  V.45, pp. 195-7

Little women in author's birthplace

  V.34, pp. 103-6

Manheim St. homes

  V.45, pp. 182-3

McKean Ave. homes

  V.45, pp. 190-1

New Buildings for West Philadelphia

  v.3, p.64

New Croatian Hall

  v.26, p.98

Olney Presbyterians Start on New Church

  v.71, p.152

Pelham Rd. homes

  V.45, pp. 198-9

Pelham region homes

  V.45, pp.200-2

Richard P. Bennis Home; Meehan Family Home; Charles P. Donnelly Home

  V.45, pp. 210-11

Rittenhouse Street

  V.33, pp. 128-31

Scene of Macaroni Factory Fire

  v.25, p.45, 47

Schwenkfelders and the War

  v.51, p.73

Steel Family Residence; Harlan Page Residence; Adrien F. Wellens Residence; E. Mt. Pleasant Ave. Homes

  V.45, pp.212-13

Steele Farm in Manayunk ...

  v.27, p.57

Third Moravian Church

  v.15, p.210

West Upsal St. homes

  V.45, pp. 192-4

Wissahickon Ave. homes

  V.45, pp. 187-9

Wister St. homes

  V.45, pp. 203-4

[zzz] Chestnut Street, 1300 Block

  v.14, p.192

Bustleton Station
Quantity: 2 items


Church of the Epiphany
Quantity: 1 item

  v.16, p.84

David E. Birney School

  v.72, p.48

Double Church Sale

  v.17, p.141

First Philadelphia Public School

  v.72, p.31

Fourth Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.121

Holme Avenue Bridge

  v.7, p.196

Holmesburg Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.61

I. Herzog & Company

  V.33, pp.210

John Greenleaf Whittier School

  v.72, p.119

Landmark in City Will Vanish Soon

  v.17, p.210

Mater Misericordia Hospital

  V.48, pp. 175-6

Peirce School of Business Administration

  v.79, p.245

Ridge Avenue

  v.23 a, p.174

Roxborough Trust Moves

  v.27, p.101

Arch and Broad Sts. Buildings

  v.2, p.86-87

Fairmount market

  v.73, p.248-249

Germantown Road

  v.23 a, p.246

Honor Mother of Texas

  v.71, p.94


  v.28, p.221

Osteopathic Hospital

  V.48, pp. 177

Palethorp Memorial Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.156

Penn Street looking north, Germantown, Pa.

  V.34, pp.83

Republic Trust Company

  v.3, p.66

Roosevelt Boulevard

  v.6, p.143

Schuylkill River Bridge at Belmont
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.197-198

St. Mary's School for Girls

  V. 36, p. 185

Steele Memorial Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.186

Academy of the Assumption; Raven Hill
Quantity: 2 items

  V.34, pp. 186

Apprentices' Library
Quantity: 1 item

  v.1, p.147

Barnes Memorial Building; Old First Presbyterian Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.71, p.11

Fire Where Six Met Death

  v.29, p.166

Frankford Post No. 211

  V.30, pp. 185

Frankford War Memorial

  V.30, pp. 251

Free Library of Philadelphia
Quantity: 1 item

  v.23 a, p.254-255

Future Home of the Franklin Institute

  v.23 a, p.255

Henry Phipps Institute

  V.48, pp. 178

Lanston Monotype Machine Co.

  v.78, p.153

Legal Notice

  v.25, p.154

Lucas Paints

  v.73, p.60

Manyunk is Planning for Centennial

  v.27, p.71

New Calvin Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.59

North Philadelphia

  v.26, p.170

Old Carpenter mansion

  V.36, pp. 5-16

Philadelphia the Home of Dentistry

  v.25, p.225

Rural singing schools

  v.79, pp.135-136

The Heart of the City

  v.14, p.186-187

The Man on the Corner

  v.17, p.208

The Progenitor of the Price Family

  v.5, p.386

Torresdale Golf Club

  v.6, p.144

Whitemarsh Meeting of Friends

  v.17, p.171

Berean Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.3

Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.252

Custom House; Biddle Home
Quantity: 1 item

  v.11, p.92

Fort Mifflin Road
Quantity: newspaper clipping

  v.27, p.107

Germantown and Perkiomen turnpike tollhouse

  V.33, pp. 213

Grace Church Begins Week of Celebration

  v.71, p.123

Knights of Columbus plan $1,000,000 club

  V.60B, pp. 84

Legal Notices

  v.23 a, p.256-257

Lower Burial Ground

  V.32, pp. 190

No. 706 Chestnut Street Sold to the Tenant

  v.12, p.75

Old St. John's Lutheran Sunday School is 100 Years Old

  v.16, p.189-190

Order pays big price for Stokley mansion

  V.60B, pp. 85

P. E. Church of the Messiah

  v.51, p.113

Pennsylvania Mutual Life Insurance Company

  v.3, p.169

Philadelphia Saving Fund Society
Quantity: 1 item

  v.3, p.171-172

Reformed Episcopal Church of the Reconciliation


Rockhill & Wilson Tailoring Establishment
Quantity: 1 item

  v.12, p.47

Ruins of Olympia Athletic Club

  v.29, p.169

Southwestern Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.181-182, 224

St. Boniface's New Convent

  v.8, p.46

The Church Historical Society

  v.16, p.190

United Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.180

White Marsh Hall

  V. 36, 187

Zion Protestant Episcipal Church

  v.51, p.185-186

[z] Columbia Avenue

  v.26, p.114

[zz] Chestnut and 9th Streets

  v.13, p.185

Buck Lane School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.58

Bustleton Railroad and Freight Station
Quantity: 1 item

  v.6, p.145

Cadwalader Residence
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.131

Cassidy School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.64

Charles W. Smith, Savior of Betsy Ross House, is 79.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.1, p.112

Chestnut and 16th Streets, N.E. Corner
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.209

Chestnut Hill Title and Trust Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.3, p.43

Daniel Baugh Institute

  v.25, p.177

Delaware Bridge

  v.28, p.227

Dock Street Market

  v.23 a, p.259-261

Duncan residence & toy store

  v.78, p.197

Emmanual Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.79

Episcopal Church of the Epiphany

  v.16, p.82

Episcopal Divinity School Group

  v.16, p.1

Fairmount Volunteer Fire House

  v.29, p.171

Famous Old Engine in Parade

  v.29, p.167

Famous Old Mansions Give Way to Business

  v.25, p.211

Fifth Street

  v.28, p.228

Fire in Manayunk

  v.27, p.106

Frankford boundary marker

  V.30, pp. 135

Frankford Post, No. 211, American Legion

  V.30, pp. 249-50

Frankford street railway

  V.30, pp. 137-9

Girard Ave. nad 10th St.

  v.26, p.59

Gray Nuns Will Open Convent Tomorrow

  v.8, p.82

Har Zion Temple

  .51, p.20-a

Harrison Public School

  v.72, p.121

Hatfield Mansion

  v.23 a, p.262, 267

House Where Napoleon's Brother Lived

  v.26, p.174

Howes residence

  v.78, p.143

Image of Germantown Ave. and Price St.

  V.33, pp.214

James Madison Grammar School

  v.72, pp.159-160

James Martin School

  v.72, p.164

Jefferson Street

  v.26, p.106

Lancaster Avenue

  v.27, p.108

Lincoln's Funeral Car

  v.25, p.163

Lu Lu Temple

  v.51, p.140

Lutherans Trying to Save Old Shrine

  v.15, p.122-126

Manayunk Church is 75 Years Old

  v.15, p.36

Market Street Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.208

New Home for Realtors

  v.3, p.192-193

Oak Lane school

  v.72, p.192

Old Chestnut Street

  v.14, p.206

Old Meeting House and it's strange tablet

  v.1, p.148

Old Pier being torn down, famous Arch St. wharf to give way to modern structure

  v.1, p. 101

Old St. James Catholic Church

  v.8, p.101-104

Old Tollgate house

  V. 30, pp.1

Old York Road

  v.23 a, p.276-278

Overbrook Baptist Church

  v.15, p.42

Oxford Street

  v.26, p.109

Oxford Street


Parade on Green St.

  v.73, p.269

Pennsylvania Railroad, New York Division Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.207

Pennypack Creek at Holmesburg

  v.7, p.206

Philadelphia Circus

  v.73, pp.159, 182

Philadelphia Firsts

  v.25, p.209-10

Philadelphia Real Estate Board

  v.78, p.118

Philadelphia's First Free Library

  v.28, p.223

Plan 20-Story Building at 15th and Chestnut

  v.3, p.101-102

Rush Mansion


Salem M. E. Church

  v.17, p.90

Smugglers' Cave

  v.28, p.225


  v.23 a, p.265-266

Speakman and Say Apothecary Shop

  V.54, pp. 31

St. Andrew's P. E. Church

  v.16, p.13

St. Henry

  v.8, p.86-87

St. James Gospel Church

  v.28, p.229

St. John the Baptist High School, Manayunk

  v.79, p.240

St. Mark's Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.133

Stark's Oyster House

  v.73, p.160

Thomas C. Price School

  v.72, p.203

Tioga Presbyterian Church


Underhill's Dining Rooms

  v.11, p.199

View of New Bulletin Annex

  v.2, p.81

Walnut Lane Bridge

  v.7, p.209

West Philadelphia School

  v.72, p.256

When can we ride straight again?

  v.1, p. 103

Where Man Was Burned to Death

  v.28, p.226

Where Many Philadelphians Enlisted for the Civil War

  v.25, p.213

[zz] Arch St. 1900 block: Can You Recall this Old Bit of Philadelphia?

  v.2, p.124

[zz] Cable Cars

  v.25, p.49

Church of the Incarnation
Quantity: 1 item

  v.8, p.98-99

Cunningham Building
Quantity: 2 items

  v.13, p.196; v.14, p. 212

Dock Square in 1898

  v.23 a, p.280

East Cavalry Church Great Social Centre

  v.17, p.31

Quantity: 1 item

  V.60B, pp. 118

Fifth Street Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.212

Fire at warehouse of Fisher, Bruce & Co.

  v.73, p.1

First Presbyterian Church, Hestonville

  v.71, p.106

Fox building

  V.55, pp. 165-6

Germantown cemetery for pets on grounds of Mason Estate

  V. 34, p. 222

Girard Fire and Marine Insurance Company Building


Horse car

  v.73, p.270

Ice Skating on the Schuylkill River

  v.7, p.213

Kensington and Allegheny Aves.

  v.26, p.173

Market Street National Bank

  v.3, p.252-253

Markoe Mansion

  v.13, p.197-198

Men and Things

  v.23 a, p.269-270

NE corner, 4th and Arch Sts.

  v.1, p.166

New building for Chandler and Cleveland

  V.60B, pp. 117

New Gray Stone Edifice Now Replaces the Old Logan M.E. Church

  v.17, p.75

Norris Square Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.79

North Philadelphia's new post office

  V.60B, pp. 119

Old M. E. Church Sold, Will Go to Drexel Hill

  v.17, p.18

Penn Athletic Club

  v.20, p.215

Plans for Dedication of New Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.128


  v.71, p.193

Proposed Site for New Post Office Building

  v.2, p.95

Razing the Late Bishop Simpson's Old Home

  v.2, p.123

S.W. Corner of 4th and Arch Sts.

  v.1, p.130

Snow Drifts Reached Unusual Heights...1889.

  v.16, p.195

St. Augustine's Church

  v.8, p.38-40, 42-43

St. Hugh's Church

  v.8, p.94

St. John's Lutheran Church, of the Missouri Synod

  v.15, p.129

St. Luke's Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.74

St. Michael's New Convent

  v.8, p.157

The Evangelical Lutheran Synod of East PA

  v.15, p.192

The Fairy

  v.29, p.15

Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School

  v.72, p.214

Thomas J. Powers School

  v.72, pp.201, 220, 239

Tioga Station

  v.26, p.194

Victims and Photodiagram of Pawnshop Robbery

  v.25, p.187

View of Green St. in 1888

  v.73, p.276

Vine St. history

  v.73, pp.113-114

When Volunteers Fought Fire

  v.29, p.173

Where Errand Boy was Robbed of $50,000 in Jewelry

  v.2, p.125

Wood house on Vine St.

  v.73, p.275

Woods Museum
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.122

Y.W.C.A. building

  v.73, p.46

Ashland Methodist Episcopal Church; Spruce Street Baptist church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.17, p.12

B'nai Jeshurun
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.29-c

Curtis Institute of Music
Quantity: 2 items

  v.79, p.242

Deaconess' Home

  v.51, p.188

Early Presbyterianism in Philadelphia

  v.71, p.1-5

Federation of Jewish Charities Opens New Building

  v.51, p.29-a, 29-b

Grant's Home Razed

  v.14, p.172

Log cabin on Race St.

  v.73, p.279

Masonic Club Opens Today

  v.20, p.216

Mud house

  v.73, p.141

New Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.127

New Ukranian Bishop

  v.8, p.234

Norristown Bridge Burned

  v.7, p.217

Old Market house

  V.55, pp. 188

Our Lady of the Holy Angels

  v.8, p.88

Penn Heirs

  v.28, p.232

Poe's Old Workshop Razed but Preserved

  v.23 a, p.279

Rosemont College


Sansom St., no. 702

  v.78, p.11

Seamen's Church Institute Building

  v.15, p.243-244

Settlement Welfare Building

  v.28, p.233

Siloam Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.92

Spruce St. apartment house

  v.78, p.213

St. Benedict's

  v.8, p.44

The Spruce

  v.78, p.199

Warren G. Harding Junior High School

  v.72, p.117A

Zion Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.186

[z] Chestnut St. 242nd Anniversary

  v.11, p.3

[zz] Consolidation of Churches

  v.15, p.194-195

18th Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.17, p.6

First Reformed Church

  v.15, p.193

Highway Mission Tabernacle

  v.71, p.13

Leverington Hotel


St. John's Episcopal Church

  v.16, p184

St. Lawrence Church

  v.8, p.142

The Jefferies Home

  v.51, p.187

Friday Current Events Club

  v.20, p.194

Pen & Pencil Club

  v.78, p.190

McDermott's Saloon

  v.73, p.68

New Building for Catholic Sisters

  v.8, p.216

Rodef Shalom

  v.51, p.17-18

St. Peter's Lutheran Church

  v.15, p.163

Angora Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.1

School Lane homes

  V.45, pp. 172-3

"German Theater"
Quantity: 1 item

  v.73, p.110

[1111] Market St.

  V.55, pp.35

[Alexander] Henry School

  v.72, p.125

[George] M. Wharton School

  v.72, p.259

[Hagtoz & Thorpe]

  v.26, p.36

[Morgan house on Frankford Ave.]

  v.6, p.19

[N.W. corner 11th and Arch]

  v.2, p.49

[New England Kitchen]

  v.10, p.167, 216

[Part of Lit Brothers]

  v.2, p.34

[Pratt House]

  v.6, p.18

[Real Estate Title]

  v.3, p.214

[Roxford Knitting Company]

  v.26, p.104

[Silver Pine Cottage]

  v.23 a, p.218

[West Arch] Schoolhouse

  v.73, p.72

[William] Waxe Public School, Frankford

  v.72, p.252

[xx] Arch Street Ferry, 1798

  v.1, p. 101

[z] 1

  V.54, pp.

[z] Allegheny Avenue Grade Crossing

  v.7, p.10

[z] Archdiocese of Philadelphia

  v.79, p.145

[z] Baeder, Delany and Adamson


[z] Banks

  v.3, p.253 a

[z] Benjamin Franklin

  v.1, p.145

[z] Benjamin Franklin

  v.13, p.27-28, 37

[z] Benjamin Franklin's Birthplace, Milk Street, Boston.

  v.1, p.144

[z] Bird's Eye or Overhead Views of the Centennial

  v.10, p.28,29,41,65,114,154

[z] Booksellers, Publishers

  v.10, p.93-100, 105, 115

[z] Boulevard Bridge

  v.7, p.14-19

[z] Bridges

  v.7, p.189

[z] Bristol Pike

  V.47, pp. 74

[z] Building Lots for Sale

  v.23 a, p.167

[z] Bustleton

  v.6, p.70

[z] Bustleton

  v.6, p.67,

[z] Bustleton Ave. North

  v.6, p.69

[z] Captain Thomas Lloyd

  v.8, p.41

[z] Centennial Commissionaire Company of Philadelphia

  v.10, p.43

[z] Chestnut and 11th Street Views

  v.13, p.99-100

[z] Chestnut Street History

  v.14, p.150

[z] Church Street Station and Freight Yard

  V.30, pp. 163

[z] Corliss Engine in Machinery Hall

  v.10, p.214

[z] Coulter Street School, Germantown

  v.72, p.77

[zz] 10th Street Buildings and Views

  v.25, p.122, 124, 130, 132-133, 152, 165-67

[zz] 183 Market St.

  V.54, pp. 43

[zz] 8th Street Views

  v.25, p.14-15, 24, 28

[zz] 9th Street Buildings

  v.25, p.61-62, 87, 90-91

[zz] Arch Street Ferry, Philadelphia

  v.1, p. 102

[zz] Archepiscopal Residence Completed

  v.8, p.17

[zz] Artloom Tapestries

  v.14, p.147

[zz] Ashland Hotel

  v.2, p.23

[zz] Birney Post Park

  v.28, p.130

[zz] Birthplace of the Historical Society

  v.20, p.80

[zz] Bridesburg Notes

  v.6, p.145 a

[zz] Bridges Now Open for Trafic

  v.7, p.199-200

[zz] Broad and Market Streets

  V.55, pp. 124-5

[zz] Chester Pike


[zz] Chestnut and Bank Streets

  v.11, p.12

[zz] Christ United Evangelical Church

  v.15, p.235

[zz] Churches

  v.51, p.71-72

[zz] Clubhouse Opened for Unemployed

  v.20, p.200a

[zz] Cold Point Baptist Church

  v.15, p.11

[zz] W. B. Eltonhead; J. Penny and Company

  v.14, p.6

[zzz] Coates Street

  v.26, p.30-31

11th Street Opera House
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.185

8th Street, South 200 Block, Homes; Morris House

  v.25, p.6-12

A. C. Yates & Co.; Bonwit Teller & Co.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.4

Abington Presbyterian Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.17, p.102

Academy of Natural Sciences
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.29

Acorn Club
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.3

Adelphia [Friends'] School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.79, p.234

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.17, p.131

Aimwell School; House of Industry
Quantity: 1 item

  v. 1, p. 110

Albrect & Co.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.23 a, p.151

Alexander Presbyterian Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.71, p.12

Alfred C. Harmer Combined School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.120

Allegheny Avenue, and 17th St. (n.e. corner)
Quantity: 1 item

  v.26, p.183

Allen's Lane Bridge, Over Wissahickon Creek
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.8

American Academy of Music
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.129

American Bank Note Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.3, p.3

American Baptist Publication Society
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.90

American Hospital for Skin Diseases
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.101

Andrew G. Curtin School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.79

Anna Howard Shaw Junior High School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.238

Annsberry Farmhouse; Roberts Homestead
Quantity: 2 items

  v.26, p.192-193

Anthony Wayne School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.253

Aramingo Viaduct
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.203

Arch St, 1101.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.50

Arch St. Notes

  v.2, p.126 - 128

Arch St., 1000 Block

  v.2, p.41

Arch St., 1322
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.77

Arch St., 414
Quantity: 1 item

  v.1, p.134

Arch Street Looking East From Twelfth
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.52

Arch Street Meeting House

  v.17, p.155-169

Arch Street, 329
Quantity: 1 item

  v.1, p.126

Arch, near Broad Street; J. Maples Marble Works; Arch Street Prison

  v.2, p.82, 88-89

Associate Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.21

Athletic Club of Philadelphia

  v.2, p.99,100

Athletic Club of the Schuylkill Navy
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.16

Augustus Lutheran Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.144

Automatic Carpet Cleaning & Mfg. Co.

  v.14, p.114

Automatic Steam Carpet Cleaning works
Quantity: 1 item

  V.60B, pp. 130

Automatice Steam Carpet Cleaning Works
Quantity: 1 item

  V.60B, pp. 13

B. Bernheim Store Fixtures and Showcase
Quantity: 1 item

  v.23, p.84

B. Hunter Heater and Range Manufacturers
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.131

B. Z. Jessar Wholesale Wines and Liquors
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 187

B.H. Bacon Watches and Jewelry
Quantity: 1 item

  v.26, p.119

Bachelors' Barge Club
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.18

Bailey, Banks & Biddle

  v.13, p.151-153

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.180, 182

Baptist Home
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.91

Baptist Temple

  v.15, p.76, 78

Barr House; Kurtz House

  V.33, pp.64-5

Barr Pumping Engine Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.23, p.88

Battles & Company Investment Bankers
Quantity: 1 item

  v.3, p.12

Belmont Cricket Club
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.19

Belmont Driving Club
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.20

Belmont School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.72, pp.46-47

Berean Manual Training & Industrial School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.79, p.68

Berry & Orton Company; Atlantic Works
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.120

Bethany Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.5

Bethany Buildings; Mission House; Bethany Home; Bethany Rescue Home; Bethany Brotherhood House; Bethany Indian Chapel; Bethany Presbyterian Temple

  v.71, p.29-43

Bethlehem Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.7

Betz Building

  v.3, p.17 - 22

Bisler Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.28, p.222

Blaylock & Blynn Hats and Furs
Quantity: 1 item

  v.12, p.131

Blum Brothers Store
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.153

Board of Education Offices
Quantity: 2 items

  v.79, pp.1-2

Borbeck Mansion

  v.23 a, p.118-119

Borie Residence; Henry LaBarre Jayne Residence
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.194

Boudinot, Elias, House

  v.2, p.35

Boyertown Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.65

Brady's Great American Boot and Shoe Emporium
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.34

Bringhurst School
Quantity: 1 item

  v.72, p.55

Broad Street Station

  V.55, pp. 128, 140

Broadbent & Phillips Photographers
Quantity: 1 item

  v.13, p.141

Browning and Brothers
Quantity: 1 item

  V.54, pp. 23

Browning, King & Company

  v.14, p.124-126

Browns & Bowen
Quantity: 1 item

  v.11, p.175

Bryant and Stratton Business College
Quantity: 1 item

  v.25, p.134

Bryn Mawr College; Pembroke Hall; Memorial Hall
Quantity: 3 items

  v.79, pp.246-248

Bush Hill Mansion
Quantity: 3 items

  v.73, pp.177-179

Bustleton Hotel

  v.6, p.68

Butler House

  v.12, p.139, 154

Buttercup Inn
Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 45

Byberry Friends Library
Quantity: 1 item

  v.6, p.85

Byberry Friends School & Meetinghouse
Quantity: 2 items

  v.79, pp.235-236

C.J. Heppe & Son Piano Store
Quantity: 1 item

  v.13, p.134

Callowhill Street Bridge
Quantity: 3 items

  v.7, p.23-25, 27

Callowhill Street, 526
Quantity: 1 item

  v.73, p.154

Calvary Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.19-22

Calvary Reformed Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.240

Cedar Grove; Coates-Paschall-Morris Mansion
Quantity: 1 item

  V.30, pp. 45

Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.17, p.23

Center Square Meeting House
Quantity: 1 item

  V.55, pp. 87

Central Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.24-26

Chandler, A. N., and Company
Quantity: 1 item

  v.28, p.49

Charles Ellis & Co., Wholesale Druggists
Quantity: 2 items

  v.11, p.10-11

Chas. Foster Publishing Co.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.14

Chelten Avenue Baptist Church
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.12

Chester A. Arthur School
Quantity: 2 items

  v.72, p.33

Chestnut and 12th Streets, S.E. Corner

  v.13, p.130

Chestnut Hill Academy
Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp. 132

Chestnut St. and Broad St.; La Pierre Hotel
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.186, 188-191, 196, 203-205

Chestnut St., 700 & 800 Blocks

  v.12, p.1

Chestnut Street, No. 1212
Quantity: 1 item

  v.13, p.145

Chestnut Street, Pier and Wharf

  v.11, p.2

Chinese Museum

  v.25, p.64-65

Christ Church Hospital
Quantity: 1 item

  V.49, pp. 124

Christ Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.56-58

Church of the Assumption

  v.8, p.37

Church of the Atonement
Quantity: 1 item

  v.73, p.107

Church of the Epiphany; Louis A. Godey Residence

  v.14, p.130-132

Church of the Evangelists

  v.16, p.86-95

Church of the Gesu
Quantity: 1 item

  v.8, p.81

Church of the Holy Communion

  v.15, p.113

Church of the Holy Innocents

  v.6, p.40-41

Church of the Incarnation
Quantity: 2 items

  v.16, p.157; v. 60B, p.93

Church of the Nativity
Quantity: 1 item

  v.15, p.158

Church of the New Jerusalem, Frankford
Quantity: 1 item

  v.51, p.53

Church of the Redeemer
Quantity: 1 item

  v.71, p.160

Church of the Visitation
Quantity: 1 item

  v.8, p.240

City Line Bridge

  v.7, p.34-35

Clarke's Hall; Girard Estate Building

  v.11, p.44-46, 170

Clermont Seminary
Quantity: 1 item

  v.79, p.69

Coates and Mathias Quaker City Whisk Works
Quantity: 1 item

  v.1, p.106

College Boat Club
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.32

Collins & M'Leester's Type Foundry
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.41

Colonial Club
Quantity: 1 item


Columbia Avenue Views

  v.26, p.126-128

Columbia College of Music
Quantity: Interior and exterior images of the clubhouse, highlighting the new swimming pool. Article about the club's opening the addition to their building, Broad and Oxford sts


Columbia Railroad Bridge

  v.7, p.36-37, 211, 213

Commercial Trust Building

  v.3, p.58-60

Commonwealth Building; W. T. Baker & Co.

  v.13, p.154-158

Corbin Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.33

Corinthian Yacht Club
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.37

Cornelius and Baker
Quantity: 1 item

  v.28, p.75

Coulter Street Friends' School

  V.34, pp.98

Crane Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.78, p.152

Crane Ice Cream and Baking Company


Cresheim Arms
Quantity: 1 item

  V.36, pp.57

Cresson Street Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.38

Cross-Keys Inn

  v.11, p.80

Cushman Club
Quantity: 1 item

  v.20, p.38

D. Hayes Agnew Memorial Pavilion

  v.80, pp.13,121

Darby Creek Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.195

Dawson's Brewery

  v.25, p.159

De Laurenti s & Teti Bank
Quantity: 1 item

  v.3, p.61

De Witt Moore Gospel Association

  v.51, p.64

Decatur Mansion

  V.30, pp. 201

Declaration House

  v.28, p.194

Delaware Avenue Market House


Delaware Avenue Views

  v.31, p.4-5, 7-11

Delaware River Bridge

  v.7, p.214-216

DeLong Building

  v.3, p.5

Department of Protection

  v.10, p.158

Department of Public Comfort

  v.10, p.159-160

Design for Summit Chapel

  v.17, p.96

Deveraux Street Sewer

  v.7, p.190

Diagonal Avenues, Inventory, Vol. 23 a

  v.23 a, p.1-3

Dickey Allen's Church

  v.17, p.135

Quantity: 1 item

  V.49, pp. 134

Dispensary and Mission Rooms

  v.28, p.82

Dixon, Charles A., & Co.
Quantity: 1 item

  v.2, p.38

Dock Street Views

  v.23, p.1-4, 34a, 37

Doctors Plan for Commodius Home

  v.20, p.125

Dollard Building
Quantity: 1 item

  v.13, p.172

Dornan Brothers

  v.26, p.107

Dougherty's Bedding

  v.14, p.151

Drawbridge, Opportunity Missed

  v.7, p.114

Drexel Building, Philadelphia

  v.28, p.41

Drexel residence

  v.78, p.146

Dumont's Minstrels

  v.25, p.186

Duryeas' Exhibits of Farina, & c.

  v.10, p.107


  V.36, pp. 104

E. Spencer Miller School

  v.72, p.172

E.M. Paxton School

  v.72, p.194

E.W. Clarke & Co., Banking House

  v.3, p.51

Early Methodism in Philadelphia

  v.17, p.1-5

East Falls Station

  v.27, p.10

East Park Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.135

Eastern Penitentiary

  v.23 a, p.141, 145

Eastern Plant Sears Roebuck & Co.

  v.23 a, p.247

Ebenezer M. E. Church Manayunk

  v.27, p.47

Edison Electric Light Company

  v.78, p.23

Edward Darby & Sons' Manufactory

  v.1, p.121

Edward Gratz School

  v.72, p.113

Edward Shippen School

  v.72, p.221

Edwin H. Fitler Combined School

  v.72, p.94

Ehrich and Co.

  v.10, p.21

Eisen Steel Manufacturing Co.

  V. , pp.

Eisenlohr's Cinco Cigars

  v.73, p.158

Eleventh Street

  v.25, p.188-9

Elkins residence

  V.60B, pp. 66-67

Empire Transportation Company

  v.10, p.191

Engineers' Club

  v.78, p.200

English Road Locomotive

  v.10, p.51

Epiphany Protestant Episcopal Chapel

  v.16, p.83

Episcopal Church House


Episcopal Church of St. Peter's

  v.8, p.205

Episcopal Rector Becomes Catholic

  v.9, p.48

Erie Avenue

  v.26, p.189

Ev. Lutherische St. Petri Kirche

  v.15, p.162

Excellent Laundry

  v.26, p.153

Excelsior Trust and Saving Fund Company

  v.3, p.65

Ex-Judge F. Carroll Brewster

  v.20, p.95

F. Muller Optician

  v.14, p.149

F. W. Woolworth & Co.

  V.33, pp.48

Factory on Site of Kensington Shipyard

  v.51, p.60

Fagen School

  v.72, p.89

Fairhill Combined Primary School

  v.72, p.90

Fair-Hill Mansion

  v.23, p.57-67

Fairhill Meeting House

  v.17, p.184

Fairmount Bridge Over Schuylkill River

  v.7, p.47, 178-180

Fairmount Park Canal Bridge
Quantity: 1 item

  v.7, p.26

Fairmount Park Railroad Bridge

  v.7, p.42-44, 132,

Fairmount Water Works

  v.7, p.204-205

Falstaff Hotel

  v.78, p.40

Farmer, James S.

  v.73, p.271

Feeding the pigeons at City Hall

  V.58, pp. 85-9

Felton, Sibley & Co.

  v.73, p.26

Fern Rock, PA

  v.7, p.54

Fidelity Insurance, Trust and Safe Deposit Co.

  v.11, p.41

Fidelity Insurance, Trust, and Safe Deposit Company


Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company

  v.3, p.77-78

Field Headquarters

  v.10, p.164

Filbert & Juniper Sts.

  v.73, p.20

Filbert St. & Cherry St. views

  v.73, pp.23, 44

Filbert St., 1300-1400 blk.

  v.73, p.17

Filbert St., 1409

  v.73, p.18

Filbert St., 900 blk.

  v.73, pp.5, 7-8

Filbert St., east

  v.73, p.24

Fine Examples of Business Architecture

  v.3, p.6

Finlayson House

  v.6, p.20

Finletter Club

  v.20, p.46

Fire Engines

  v.25, p.218

Fire in the Business District

  v.29, p.159

Fire Station

  v.29, p.106

Fire Station

  v.29, p.109

Fire Station No. 44

  v.29, p.110-111

Fire Station No. 54

  v.29, p.107-108

Fire Stations

  v.29, p.18-19, 21-22, 165


  v.29, p.12-14

First Baptist Church, West Phila.

  v.15, p.28, 92

First Brethren Church

  v.15, p.94

First building erected by the Society

  V.33, pp.74

First Methodist Protestant Chapel

  v.17, p.128-129

First Moravian Church

  v.15, p.208

First Moravian Church in Philadelphia

  v.73, p.112

First National Bank

  v.3, p.81-83

First New Jerusalem, Swedenborgian, Church

  v.14, p.176

First Presbyterian Church


First Reformed Dutch Church

  v.15, p.235

Fisher's Lane Station, Germantown

  v.7, p.56

Flat Rock Bridge

  v.7, p.57

Flat Rock Dam

  v.27, p.34-37

Fletcher School

  v.72, p.95

Floating Church of the Redeemer

  v.15, p.245

Flower Observatory buildings

  v.80, p.71

Folwell, Bro. & Co.

  v.12, p.63

Forest School, Falls of Schuylkill
Quantity: 3 magazine clippings, newspaper clipping

  v.72, pp.98-100

Former House of Engine Company No. 26
Quantity: newspaper clipping

  v.29, p.172

Forrest [residence]
Quantity: magazine clipping

  v.78, p.214

Forrest Laundry
Quantity: clippings

  v.26, p.117-18

Forty Years Ago Today

  v.71, p.243-244

Fotterall Mansion
Quantity: 1 item

  v.14, p.29

Fox Chase

  v.6, p.138

Fox Chase

  v.6, p.110-114, 117-120, 122, 124, 129

Fox Chase has a New Country Club

  v.6, p.139

Fox Chase Hotel

  v.6, p.116

Fox Chase Land Mark

  v.6, p.115

Fox Chase Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.50

Francis M. Drexel School

  v.72, pp.82-85

Frankford Academy

  V.30, pp.20

Frankford Arsenal

  v.6, p.3-6

Frankford Ave. in Holmesburg

  V.47, pp. 22

Frankford Avenue views

  V.30, pp. 78-79

Frankford Baptist Church

  v.15, p.32, 93

Frankford Creek, Near Arsenal.

  v.6, p.2

Frankford hospital

  V.30, pp.131

Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia

  v.3, p.85

Franklin National Bank

  v.3, p.86-88

Franklin National Bank; Land Title and Trust Company

  v.14, p.31-35, 195

Franklin Relics

  v.1, p.143 - 144

Franklin's Grave

  v.1, p.145

Franklin's Grave, Arch St., S.E. corner 5th

  v.1, p.140

Free Library of Philadelphia

  V.58, pp. 119

Free Public Bath

  v.25, p.194

Free Quaker Meeting House

  v.27, p.54

Free Quakers' Hall,..., in which Washington Lodge was constituted in June 1793.


Freight Viaduct at Philadelphia

  v.7, p.62

French & Co.

  v.73, p.149

Friends' Bank Meeting House

  v.17, p.151, 170

Friends' Girard Avenue School

  v.79, pp.212-213, 226

Friends Meeting House

  v.17, p.198

Friends' Meeting House

  v.17, p.146-148

Friends' Meeting House and Academy

  v.17, p.149, 207

Friends' Meeting House and Court House

  v.17, p.150

Friend's Meeting House and School

  v.11, p.74

Friends Meeting House in 1900

  v.25, p.50

Friends' Meeting House on Cherry Street

  v.17, p.183

Friends Meeting House, Fourth and Arch Sts.

  v.1, p.132

Friends' Meeting, Spruce & 9th Sts.

  v.78, p.188

G.A. Schwarz

  v.13, p.77

G.S. Lovell Clock Company

  v.25, p.151

G.W. Nebinger School

  v.72, p.183

Gardiner Fulton's house

  V.30, pp. 88

Gatchel and Manning

  v.11, p.167

Geo. L. Lutz Merchant Tailor

  v.23 a, p.167

Geological Department

  v.5, p.347

George B. McClellan School

  v.72, pp.166-167

George B. McClellan School, No. 2

  v.26, p.99

George Clymer Residence; C. G. Henderson Bookseller; Barnum's Museum; Swaim's Building

  v.12, p.30-31

George Eastburn's Select school for boys

  V.60B, pp. 29

George G. Meade Grammar School

  v.72, p.170

George S. Harris & Son

  v.73, p.122

George W. Childs School

  v.72, p.69

German Lutheran Zion Church

  v.15, p.182-185

German Restaurant

  v.10, p.171-172

German Society of Pennsylvania Assembly Hall

  v.28, p.133

Germantown Ave. north of Haines

  V.33, pp. 162

Germantown Ave. s. of Harvey St.

  V.33, pp. 192

Germantown Grammar School

  v.72, p.108

Germantown Station

  V.33, pp.84

Gethsemane Baptist Church

  v.15, p.33, 93

Girard Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; Crittenden's; Chestnut St. and 6th St.

  v.12, p.64-66, 137

Girard House

  v.12, p.149

Girard Trust Company

  v.3, p.99, 110-112

Girls' Normal School

  v.79, pp.37-42

Gladstone Apartment House

  v.25, p.176

Glen and Compnay; Henry A. Dreer Store

  v.12, p.76-78

Glyndon Priestman Office
Quantity: 1 item

  V. 34, p. 219.

Godfrey & Co.

  v.73, p.69

Gonzaga Memorial

  V.33, pp.85

Government Building

  v.10, p.78

Grace Baptist Church

  V.60B, pp. 106

Grace Methodist Episcopal Church

  v.17, p.59-60

Grand Southern Restaurant

  v.10, p.173

Gray's Ferry Printing Ink Works


Great Western Insurance and Trust Company

  v.3, p.100, 113

Greble Marble Yard

  v.14, p.153, 154

Green's Hotel

  v.12, p.113

Grindstone Alley

  V.54, pp. 29-30

Grover Cleveland School

  v.72, pp.72-73

Gutekunst's Galleries

  v.2, p.24-26

H.C. Oram & Co., Philadelphia Iron Works

  v.73, p.143

H.W. Halliwell School

  v.72, p.114

Hacker Mansion

  V.34, pp. 1

Haines Street redevelopment

  V.33, pp. 152

Handsome Private Residence

  v.25, p.197

Hanna House

  V.30, pp. 128-9

Hanscom's Smoking Room

  v.13, p.135

Harper Memorial Presbyterian Church

  v.71, p.124

Harriet Hollond Memorial Chapel

  v.71, p.125

Harry C. Kahn & Son

  v.73, p.13

Hat Store
Quantity: 1 item

  v. 1, p. 108

Hatfield Mansion

  v.23 a, p.115-116

Hayes Mechanics Home

  v.71, p.233

Heacock's Storage Warehouse

  v.26, p.34


  v.20, p.53

Henry Armitt Brown School

  v.72, pp.57-58

Henry B. Ashmead

  v.78, pp.26-27

Henry Disston & Sons, Keystone Saw, Tool, Steel and File Works...

  v.6, p.37

Henry Disston School, Tacony

  v.72, p.80

Hess-Bright Co.

  V.60B, pp. 14

Heston School

  v.72, p.127

Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company

  v.28, p.220

Hicksite Meeting House

  v.17, p.152

Historic old Bohlen mansion

  V.36, pp. 163

Historic Old Paper Mill

  V.36, pp.58

Historic places in Germantown

  V.34, pp. 213

Historical Frankford

  v.17, p.182, 185

Historical Society of Frankford

  V.30, pp. 182

History of the Work


Hoffman School, 15th Section

  v.72, p.128

Hofmann's Hosiery Store

  v.25, p.21-22

Hollingsworth School

  v.72, p.130

Holly Hall

  v.6, p.11-13

Holman School for Girls

  v.79, pp.90-91

Holy Name [Parish] School, Kensington

  v.79, p.177

Holy Souls' Parish School

  v.79, p.178

Holy Trinity

  v.8, p.89-93

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.150-153

Holy Trinity Parish House

  v.71, p.216

Holy Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church

  v.16, p.4

Home of Edwin Forrest

  v.25, p.162

Home of the Tacony Fire Company


Home of Thomas South

  v.6, p.32

Hoopes & Townsend

  v.73, p.142

Hope to Make Manayunk More Easy to Reach

  v.27, p.65, 70

Horatio G. Kern

  v.28, p.117

Horn and Horn

  V.55, pp. 65-68

Horticulture Hall

  v.10, p.58-67

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

  V.49, pp. 224

Hotel Abbey

  v.23 a, p.109

Hotel Reiber improvements

  V.33, pp.58

Hotel Stenton

  v.78, p.201

Hotel Windsor

  V.55, pp. 54