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Building Information

Site: St. Luke's Church, Germantown
5421 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA

Built: 1875 to 1876

Additions/Alterations: 1892
Alteration Comments: 1892, Tower.     

Figurative Windows: 37
Ornamental Windows: 9


Location Subject Type Subject
0 New Testament Last Supper
F1 New Testament The Transfiguration
F2 New Testament Baptism of Christ
F101 Angel Angel
F102 Angel Angel
F200 New Testament Christ enthroned
L1 New Testament Adoration of the Magi
L2 New Testament Ascension of Christ
L3 Symbols or Ornamental with Symbols Peters Confession/Symbolic Representation of Humility
L4 New Testament John and the Blessed Virgin Mary
L5 New Testament Christ walking on water with Peter
L6 New Testament Christ as the Good Shepherd
L7 New Testament Feeding the 5000/Miracle of the Loaves and Fish
L8 Single Figure(s),standing/seated/bust of St. Peter being released from prison
L101 Angel Angel with bowed stringed instrument
L102 Angel Angel with harp
L103 Angel Angel praying
L104 Angel Angel
L105 Angel Angel
L106 Ornamental Ornamental
L107 Ornamental Ornamental
L108 Ornamental Ornamental
P1 Single Figure(s),standing/seated/bust of St. Luke
P2 Angel St. Michael
R1 Religious Other Noli me tangere
R2 New Testament Christ entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
R3 New Testament Christ entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
R4 New Testament Christ Blesses the Children
R5 New Testament Christ as the Good Shepherd
R6 New Testament Birth of Christ/Nativity
R7 New Testament Angel Announcing Birth of Christ to Sheperds
R8 New Testament Annunciation
R9 New Testament Presentation in the Temple
R10 New Testament Flight into Egypt
R101 Angel Angel with pan pipes
R102 Angel Angel playing flute/recorder
R103 Angel Angel surrounded by lilies
R104 Angel Angel with censer
R105 Angel St. Michaels
R106 Ornamental Ornamental
R107 Ornamental Ornamental
R108 Ornamental Ornamental
R109 Ornamental Ornamental


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