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Building Information

Site: Cathedral Church of the Saviour
3723 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA

Built: 1889
Architect: Charles M. Burns, Jr.

Additions/Alterations: 1903
Additions/Alterations Architect: Charles M. Burns, Jr.
Alteration Comments: In 1903 the church was rebuilt, following a 1902 fire which destroyed all but the facade. 

Figurative Windows: 40
Ornamental Windows: 14


Location Subject Type Subject
100 New Testament Christ in Majesty
F100 New Testament Crucifixion
F101 New Testament Life of Christ
F102 New Testament Annunciation
F200 New Testament Descent of the Holy Spirit
L1 New Testament Baptism of Christ
L2 New Testament Jacob and Judah; Annunciaton
L3 New Testament Josias and Eleazer; Christ Blessing the Children
L4 New Testament Adoration of the Magi
L6 New Testament St. Paul & Mary Magdalene; Christ and Rich Young Ruler
L7 New Testament Nativity
L101 Single Figure(s),standing/seated/bust of St. Augustine of Canterbury and St. Columba (England)
L102 Single Figure(s),standing/seated/bust of St. Peter and St. Paul (Italy)
L103 Single Figure(s),standing/seated/bust of St. Albert of Liege (Belgium) and St. David (Wales)
L201 Religious Other Seal of South Carolina
L202 Religious Other Seal of Maryland
L203 Religious Other Seal of Virginia
L204 Religious Other Seal of Pennsylvania
L205 Religious Other Seal of New York
L206 Religious Other Seal of London
L207 Religious Other Seal of Bath and Wales
N2 New Testament St. Gregory instructing a choir
R1 New Testament Christ as the Good Shepherd
R2 New Testament Bust of Boy Christ
R3 New Testament Mary and Joseph; Marriage at Cana
R4 New Testament Christ before Pilate
R5 New Testament Christ Knocking on the Door
R6 New Testament Christ at the Home of Mary and Martha
R7 New Testament Ascension
R101 Single Figure(s),standing/seated/bust of Christopher Columbus and Origen of Alexandria
R102 Single Figure(s),standing/seated/bust of St. Denis (France) and St. Nicholas (Russia)
R103 Single Figure(s),standing/seated/bust of St. Andrew (Scotland) and St. Patrick (Ireland)
R201 Religious Other Seal of Aberdeen
R202 Religious Other Seal of Orkney
R203 Religious Other Seal of Moray Ross
R204 Religious Other Seal of Connecticut
R205 Religious Other Seal of Rhode Island
R206 Religious Other Seal of Canterbury
R207 Religious Other Seal of York


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