Also known as: Metropole Hotel; Hotel Walton; John Bartram Hotel
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[Hotel Walton]
(Philadelphia Post Card Co., 1906)
Robert M. Skaler Postcard Collection, Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
Local ID #: 290-PC-10-035
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P R E S E N T A T I O N   D R A W I N G S   —   (1 image)
[Hotel Walton]
(c. 1897)
AIA/T-Square Yearbook, p. 183 (1896)
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Hotel Walton
The Official Office Building Directory and Architectural Handbook of Philadelphia, The Commercial Publishing and Directory Co., Philadelphia, 1899, p. 735
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[Bartram Hotel]
Philadelphia: John Bartram Hotel
(Lutz, K. F., Photographer, 1948)
Karl Lutz Collection, Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
Local ID #: 76-PC-008-001
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[Bartram Hotel]
(Lutz, Karl F., Photographer)
Karl Lutz Collection, Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
Local ID #: 76-P-008-001
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[Walton Hotel]
[Walton Hotel ]
(Dillon, James L., Photographer)
James Dillon Collection, Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
Local ID #: 32-P-180-001
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Hotel Walton
Local ID #: PhilaBourse-077a
Engelhardt, George Washington, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, The Book of Its Bourse & Co-operating Bodies, Philadelphia, Lippincott Press, 1898-99., p. 77
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P R I N T S   —   (1 image)
[Correspondence of The Peerless Bread Machine Corp., Composed on Hotel Walton Stationary]
Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
Local ID #: 001-M-019
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