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O T H E R   I M A G E S   —   (3 images, all shown)
[Demokrat Building, Dr. E. Morwitz]
[Morwitz, Dr. E.]
Plate 1877
(Ernest Hexamer, 11/2/1884)
Hexamer General Surveys, Free Library of Philadelphia.
Local ID #: HGSv20.1877
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[Demokrat Building]
[ Dr. Edward Morwitz]
Plate 2409
(Ernest Hexamer, 10/25/1890)
Hexamer General Surveys, Free Library of Philadelphia.
Local ID #: HGSv25.2409
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[Philadelphia Demokrat Buildings]
[Estate of Dr. E. Morwitz]
Plate 2919
(Ernest Hexamer, 11/18/1895)
Hexamer General Surveys (LOC), Library of Congress.
Local ID #: HGSv30.2919
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A S - B U I L T   P H O T O G R A P H S   —   (1 image)
German Democrat Building
The Official Office Building Directory and Architectural Handbook of Philadelphia, The Commercial Publishing and Directory Co., Philadelphia, 1899, p. 320
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P R I N T S   —   (3 images, all shown)
[No. 5, June 1879, 600 Block Chestnut St., South Side]
Baxter's Panoramic Business Directories, Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
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[Plate 9, South Side]
Rae, Julio H. Rae's Philadelphia Pictorial Directory & Panoramic Advertiser. Philadelphia: Julio H. Rae, 1851., p. Plate 9, South Side
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Philadelphia Demokrat
Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
Local ID #: 001-PR-137
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