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Published References

  • Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) Collection at the Library of Congress
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    Client/Project Name: Fort Mifflin, Artillery Shed (HABS PA-1225-B)

  • Webster, Richard J., Philadelphia Preserved. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1976., p. 207-210, 353-355
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    Client/Project Name: Fort Mifflin, Artillery Shed

  • HABS/HAER/HALS list for Philadelphia and surrounding counties (imported November 8, 2001)

Drawings, Photos, Papers, etc.

  • Athenaeum of Philadelphia - John M. Dickey Collection
    Holding Name: Fort Mifflin
    Quantity: 28 drawings : ink on mylar ; 62 x 92 cm. ; 2 photomechanical reproductions : blueline prints ; 61 x 92 cm., Call Number: DWC*010*001; DWC*010*002; DWC*010*003; DWC*010*004; DWC*010*005; DWC*010*006; DWC*010*007; DWC*010*008; DWC*010*009; DWC*010*010; DWC*010*011; DWC*010*012; DWC*010*013; DWC*010*014; DWC*010*015; DWC*010*016; DWC*010*017; DWC*010*018; DWC*010*019; DWC*010*020; DWC*010*021; DWC*010*022; DWC*010*023; DWC*010*024; DWC*010*025; DWC*010*026; DWC*010*027; DWC*010*028; DWC*010*029; DWC*010*030
    Architect Referenced: Dickey, Weissman, Chandler, Holt
  • Athenaeum of Philadelphia - John M. Dickey Collection
    Holding Name: Fort Mifflin Artillery Shed
    Quantity: 5 photomechanical reproductions : blackline prints ; 46 x 61 cm., Call Number: HABS-PA-1231*001; HABS-PA-1231*002; HABS-PA-1231*003; HABS-PA-1231*004; HABS-PA-1231*005


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