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Hotchkin, Samuel F. The York Road, Old and New. Philadelphia: Binder & Kelly, 1892., p. 71

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Project name: Residence of Mr. T. Henry Asbury
Project types: dwelling

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OLD YORK RD near City Line Road
Philadelphia, PA

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"T. Henry Asbury, the head of the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, deserves great credit for having erected many beautiful homes at Oak Lane. If he who makes 2 blades of grass grow where one stood alone is a benefactor, so is he who multiplies cosy and healthful residences as things of beauty & attractiveness. Mr. Asbury found the section almost an uncultivated waste, and has so exercised his taste & judgement that all are gratified with the present condition of things. He has constructed many architectural cottages; and has studied the art of building in order to make them as convenient and comfortable as possible; and has been ready to assist the new comer in such a manner as to make the purchase of his own home a comparaatively easy matter; and in a republic those who own their abodes make good citizens, as feeling an interest in their surroundings. Mr. Asbury's own residence stands on a pleasant eminence where the railway trains, with their living freight, may constantly be seen passing below. The sloping lawn may recall lines in Cowper's Task: Whose well rolled walks. With curvature of slow and easy sweep enliven the landscape." The dwelling of stone is elegant & commodious, with comfortable piazza to tempt the summer breeze & incite one to enjoy the open air as nature's own refreshment from the open hand of God. The name of this country place is Mestha, formed of the initial of the owner and his wife, Mary E. Swann and T. Henry Asbury. At the foot of the lawn a pretty lake diversifies the scene. The Hebrews called the fountain and eye, and so water vivifies a landscape, as an eye does the face. Willows skirt the water as they grew 'by the water coursees' in Isaiah's day. Isaiah 44,4. Striking stone arches uphold the railway bridge where City Line Road passes under the railway..."


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